Basic: Sweatshirt and Chinos

BASICSSWEATSHIRTCHINOS2For over 20 years I strived to be ‘dressed up’ and it seems the opposite is happening from now til whenever! There is again quite masculine elements even my belt is a vintage Gucci man’s. I often mix up steel/silver tones with goldtones, it’s not something I’m hung up with.

BASICSSWEATSHIRTCHINOSSorry for the glum face, I was doing the self timer shots for the first time and forgot to think happy thoughts 🙂 The dark grey sweatshirt is by Gap from their sleepwear range. I like the colour and the fact that it’s hip length for me. The quality isn’t the greatest and it creases but I don’t mind on this occasion. Basic comfort. But is it just one step away from track lounge bottoms?! 😉

Spring Edit 2013: sweater, bag, accessories

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8 thoughts on “Basic: Sweatshirt and Chinos

  1. Sue

    I like the grey with the lighter bottoms. Makes a good change and makes people think that you have thought about what you’re wearing rather than reaching for the blue jeans. I don’t get hung up on jewellery tones either – the more the merrier!

    I don’t think the joggy bots are that far off now – do you? :o)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! I naturally gravitate towards light colours so it’s really a case of wanting to wear them whenever possible. Chinos seem to have fallen off the fashion radar totally but they really are so comfy and as you say makes you think you made an effort.
      Argh no I’m still holding off the joggy bots 🙂

  2. mystyle

    Hi there-a very casual chic outfit- I love the colour combinations and your bag is simply gorgeous! Hope you’re well and having a great week xxx

  3. Debbie Baker Burns (@DebbieBBurns)

    I saw a top just like this paired with a floral skirt in a magazine recently. I ripped the page out because I really liked the look. Tops like that you can wear with just about anything. As for comfort, I think I may just put on shorts and a tee shirt tomorrow and call it a day! Debbie @


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