Spring Accessories: Pattern Scarf and Shoes

CELINEANDSCARFIt feels so good to wear lighter coloured accessories with the change in season. This is a new to me silk scarf I scored off *ebay. It’s a quality silk twill with plump hand rolled hems and the pattern is the perfect blend of a neutral background, green, ochre, red, khaki and blue. I’m getting better with remembering to put on the little trinkets 🙂SKINNIESMICRO Grey cashmere Banana Republic Mens jumper, Gap skinny jeans and Marc Jacobs slippers. I reached for my gold ballerina flats but my 8 year old told me to pick these instead and she was right!SKINNIESMICRO2I’m having the best time with my skinny jeans this season! Céline Micro always makes me happy! It’s all about the accessories still….

Spring Edit 2013: shoes, bag, jumper

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Spring Accessories: Pattern Scarf and Shoes

  1. miss sophie

    love this palette of colors and textures. do you have issues with darker denim dye rubbing off on your lighter leather bags? this is a recent concern for me 😛

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I have never had a problem with denim dye rubbing onto my bags, that would freak me out so much! I have no idea if it’s just luck or what?


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