Cold Spring: Black and Navy

WOOLPANTSNone of us were fooled into thinking the relatively warm weather was going to last, right? OK, I might have put away the knee boots but the lined wool pants remain *sigh* in the middle of May. It’s cold enough to pull the camel vintage Jaeger coat from the dry cleaning pile as well! Anyway I took out a silk scarf I hadn’t worn in a long time (=years). It’s not really a scarf, just a length of silk from somewhere that I liked. It’s more a rectangle shape than square so I folded it on the longer side, put it around my neck crossing the ends over and tucked inside my jumper.

SCARFI’m a sucker for tailored pants and these by Banana Republic are so well made and finished. The lining helps to keep its shape as well provide extra warmth. It’s a wardrobe essential for me.

RINGI love gold and navy – really must do justice to the cocktail ring another time!

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Cold Spring: Black and Navy

  1. Sue

    Yes – where did the sun go again? I have a couple of those rectangular silk scarves and I never know how to wear them so they remain in a little shoe box tucked away. I seem to like bigger scarves these days but I like how the smaller silk ones are being worn in a more classic way. I just need to expand my scarf repertoire I think.

    Like the jewellery layering – it’s fun isn’t it and makes a whole outfit come together.

  2. Lady of Style

    I do like pairing black and navy especially with dark jeans and a blazer.
    The styling of your silk scarf is very classy, I love that.

    We have the same dreadful and cold weather here in Germany! Where do you live by the way?

    Lady of Style

  3. une femme

    So simple and chic! I’ve recently begun wearing black and navy together quite often. I love how you’ve arranged that silk at the neckline, a very nice touch!

  4. Lucy

    Ugh, I’m very sorry for your chilly weather. We seem to have finally escaped the cool rain for a few days and I am so enjoying reveling in the sunshine.

    I am loving that gold cuff!

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