In Search of the Elusive ‘Tan’

‘Tan’ was such a part of growing up in the 70’s. In the 80’s I think it turned beige with all the Chanel madness at the time and by the 90’s and 00’s, tan had become a dirty word in a world of black or simple white, never to be uttered in polite circles, discontinued and hidden away. Well, I still love it and wanted it but boy, was it hard to find! Everyone I spoke to had a different shade in mind which made it even harder until I got totally confused myself! At one point I thought I meant ‘Camel’. CELINEThe shade I always had in mind is neither too yellow nor too warm (pink) nor too brown – impossible!?HDALVY2A little too blond. CELINE1BLACKROCKThis is more like it…..K32SELLIERThe One? This is the natural version of a leather called Chamonix and I was expecting it to be too pale. It is but that’s only because it’s vintage and needs conditioning to enrich the leather and colour.

RUGBY2My newest Chamonix bag, only a few years old and it seems to be the ‘Tan’ I’ve been looking for all these years!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “In Search of the Elusive ‘Tan’

  1. Chiara

    Love that color – it looks chic with black, white, and most colors. I also like the Hermès bag, though, even if it’s a lightel color. Beige with a hint of pink, from what I see from the pic.

  2. LaTonya

    It is lovely and the 70s were my formative years, too. Tan is chic. I think many us stopped liking it with the introduction of the work pant/color khaki. Khaki is a universal uniform color in retail and casual business attire so the true color lost it’s appeal. Glad to see it in its true glory.

    I haven’t told you lately, I love what you do here and your support at B&G keeps me encouraged. Thank you.

  3. une femme

    I love that color; it’s totally classic. I’m very envious of your fabulous bag collection! Last fall I purchased a taupe-ish tan Chanel tote that I’ve carried almost every day since…it really does “go with everything!”

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’ll always remember that Chanel tote – beautiful! I haven’t managed to get the right shade for myself, either too light or too dark.

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