Black and Blue All Over

BLACKBLUEIt’s true, black rarely photographs well except certain materials such as satin and velvet but there’s no chance of me wearing either any time soon. All I have here is suede with a patent stripe. These are the booties I’ve been searching for: low heeled, pointy toe and black, simply pull on with black tights or trousers and I’m good to go.BLACKBLUE2The wind was whipping up just before it started to rain. I was cosy enough in a Burberry wool mix trench which can withstand a light shower but not a downpour. Strangely enough for a coat addict, I only have one other black coat (full length so really for evenings out which rarely happens). I love the masculinity of this particular style and if I were to look for another Burberry trench now, I’d be totally overwhelmed with the endless different permutations.

The Zara little cable short sleeve jumper has proven to be very useful and a great layering piece also here. I really like it with my scarf, fresh from the dry cleaners.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Black and Blue All Over

  1. LaTonya

    I love blue and black together. Wore this combination this holiday weekend. faux dark jean pant, striped blue shirt and v-cut men’s wool vest, black patent leather loafers.

  2. Jill

    Oh, I never get tired of black and blue together. That trench is wonderful and do not even get me started on the bag and the scarf! Do let me know if you end up getting a pair of Varas, I have to stop looking at them online or there’s going to be an accident, ha ha! XO, Jill

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