Basic: Black Trousers, Cuff, Wedges


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I have to point out right away that I don’t have a figure that easily suits trousers, truly, so what to do because they are such a useful and easy way to be instantly dressed up or down? I’m talking proper trousers not jeans of any description, ok?  BDPRUSSE2The answer is endless searching. That’s it, no quick fixes, no short cuts and a flattering camera angle 🙂 These are by Derek Lam in a beautiful light weight yet substantial cotton I scored over 2 years ago at the Outnet. Apart from difficulties with overall fit, it seems only fairly recently that trousers began to have a decent enough rise in the crotch so that the ‘waistline’ isn’t exactly at the worst and widest point of my middle. Of course it costs more for material and maybe a generation has grown up thinking anything above pubic low hip bone level is hopelessly old fashion but the result for me is a much more comfortable fit and gives a little bit more length.

I never wanted bold jewels of any description until recently. Jewellery was strictly traditional and discreet to the point of invisibility! During the last couple of years, however, I’ve come to understand that jewels are my most important accessories. For a long time I resisted the lure of the Collier de Chien cuff mainly because I was convinced they were too big and bold for me. They are not! I already discovered a black cuff was a staple so it was a natural step to finally acquire a black CDC.

CUFFWEDGEThere are a lot of references to the 70’s as I grew up in this decade and one of the most memorable fashion item was the wedge heel. My mother had a pair of orange espadrille sandals with a thin ankle strap that I loved, almost exactly the same shape as these by APC. The wedge part is beige which makes them appear a lot lighter and less chunky. I’ve  had wedge espadrilles most Summers ever since. Black and beige, such a timeless combination – merci Mademoiselle Chanel!

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8 thoughts on “Basic: Black Trousers, Cuff, Wedges

  1. Lucy

    I love the cuff and wedges–those are beautiful accessories.

    Thanks to my arthritis, wedges are becoming my go-to “heel.” They provide so much more stability and support as long as the wedge is not too high. Yours look so comfy!

  2. jangrahammcmillen

    I so get the difficulty with trousers that fit! I’m short as well as short-waisted, so it’s a double-bind. I’m going to get a half-tuck right this summer if it kills me.
    You look lovely … and you photos are always so good. Pretty you!

  3. Iva

    Full of style and elegance. I like beige, the white top, the blazer, the scarf on the bag… Everything 🙂

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