Purple and Greys

SUMMERPURPLE British Summer Time = Sweater and Wool Trousers! Last June I had to wear my wool peacoat and Fedora so no surprise to me that today, I put on a sweater and wool tailored pants previously here, here and here. I did the same little trick with a smaller silk scarf around my neck as here. I really love it because it’s comfortable and reminds me of traditional costumes of the Far East such as the Kimono and the neckline of Korean ladies’ dresses. Actually, I’m glad because I got to wear these dark moss green suede wedge booties that I love. They’re greener in real life. You see, eversince I saw this photo of Franca Sozzani below by The Sartorialist, I’ve been desperate to wear purple and green together…. you too? 🙂 I do have a green skirt but the *belly* will not fit in right now 😦

franca sozzaniI don’t care much for her sandals, as I’ve a slight aversion to too many toes showing. Oh don’t get me started on this weird topic. Let me just say Anna Wintour is a long time serial offender: Queen Of All Fashion or not, she is guilty, guilty, guilty!

I wonder if there are unusual combinations you want to try? But you don’t have to tell me your foot fetish 🙂

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Purple and Greys

  1. une femme

    You look lovely in that purple! I have a “thing” about shoes that are to short so the wearer’s toes hang over the edge. Or strappy sandals worn in temperatures that also require an overcoat. What the…?

  2. Vix

    You do suit purple and it looks lovely with the grey, too. Those sandals are horrid, strappy sandals need to be flat or you get horrible veiny looking feet! x

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