Navy Love

NAVYSTRIPESPYTHONMy best purchases are pieces that I can wear both casually – a major achievement for me after a lifetime of rather formal looks – and dress up a touch. Navy is my Black because it’s ‘kinder’ and sometimes more versatile. It’d be hard to live without black but impossible to live without navy! NAVYSTRIPESPYTHON2This stripey cotton jumper by Mango and the navy Zara trousers both serve the dual purpose very well. The Jimmy Choo python kitten keels are my new neutrals, I would have a dozen more if I could find them in my size!NAVYSTRIPESCELINEThis bag is supposed to be a Camel colour but I think it’s actually more ‘nude’ which is just fine with me. I assumed my black CDC cuff wouldn’t be used a lot but I’ve reached for it so much! The same with the Kelly Double Tours bracelet.

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