Shopping List: Sales

‘Tis the season upon us again: Sales Hysteria. But it’s a lie, most places have been having a sale continuously for the last few months, since January in fact…maybe last December even and come to think of it, since October (Mid Season). In the old days, Sales happened but twice a year – ok now, let’s blame something else on the Great Recession, retailers simply want to get rid of their stuff! Of course some retailers don’t even know what people want to buy anymore so have an even harder time getting rid of it [yes, I’m talking about you M&S!]. Anyway, please note I really do mean Shopping List followed by Sales from point # of my 7 Habits of a Successful closet post. If you have a list then it’s far easier to shop the sales and far easier to tackle the manic online sale of Net A Porter for example. All you have to do is spend 4+ hours trying to drag the item (s) into your shopping bag, endure multiple crashes and stupid messages claiming the page doesn’t exist! Gosh those 2 items (that’s ALL!) that languished in my tiny Wishlist for all these long months had better be worth it!

My most successful purchases during the sales bar none are staple transeasonal classics, pieces that I use often and would need at full price, however, it’s more fun to get a discount – who doesn’t like that?

OK, so here are my picks:

hmprodA denim jacket, I’m the last adult on Earth who doesn’t own one. cn5836828 Varsity jacket, ditto above, no really I bought this for my Tween/Boy but the size came out huge so I tried it on and fell in love…it has a lovely red racing card appliqué on the back. It feels so nice – I have never wanted a bomber jacket before, ever! Do you think I’m regressing? cn6148535 White jeans, elusive and spent the longest time on my list. These are by Gap again and surprisingly forgiving….for white jeans. Note the footwear…cn5090994 Stocking up on plain men’s pure cotton jumpers. I’ve become allergic to wool so all my wool jumpers are redundant.cn5078272 cn5078264 BEIGE 389058_in_xlAha, silk blouse/shirts, these are by Theory – divine – they are exactly what I’ve been looking for all these years. I know about Equipment shirts but they fit huge on me and these are just right with sleeves that are slightly bell shape (though you can’t tell from these photos) – plus they’re not too long in the body for me. 389056_in_xl 352605_fr_xl As I love my black brogues so much last Winter, I vowed to find some in light colours. These suede ones by Pedro Garcia are a lovely fit and look great except the colour is totally off on me.352605_in_xl I thought these white ones wouldn’t be any good but they’re wonderful! Without laces, they look like an extra yummy version of the humble canvas tennis shoe. They look good with dresses so should be great with everything else. I know they’re white but honestly they’re more versatile than you imagine.346708_fr_xl 346708_in_xl389480_fr_xl Tan, tan, tan such a difficult colour to find. I also adore slipper shapes and fell in love with these ones.389480_in_xlThey’re not here yet and I’m hoping and praying they fit and go well with my dresses.

So no fireworks here, just plain, simple pieces to insert nicely into the rest of my closet.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Shopping List: Sales

  1. Jill

    I think these are all great choices, I approve! The sales are killing me, I think more of my shopping ban discipline may go right out the door. Oh no! XO, Jill

  2. LaTonya

    Love the shoes. I work part-time in retail but this summer we’re closed for renovation. The closing was an unexpected gift. Recently decided to spend less and purge. Not missing the sales and not shopping is less painful than I expected. And I get to enjoy clothes vicariously. through you…


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