Casual Lilac

LILACA little cotton mix Jaeger dress from a few years ago gets a tiny adjustment, I let the hem down by a few cms as I always felt it was too short for me. I’m wearing it with the Céline ‘nude’ flap bag and Sam Edelman’s Trina sandals. These sandals took me a full year to track down in my size and the colour I wanted but they’re worth it – comfy straight out of the box. It’s still one of the best styles around! My other brown Same Edelman pair from last year have been passed on to my Tween girl who reached the milestone of fitting my shoes…..uh oh!

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Casual Lilac

  1. happyface313

    A few cm can do so much – I know exactly what you’re speaking of 🙂
    Great sandals! Nice and very comfy 🙂
    I am sooooo happy, that my daughter does not like dressing my style and has bigger feet than me 😀
    Have a HAPPY day! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Good for you! Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one to think about a few cms 🙂 I’m hoping my Tween will soon grow bigger and pass my size 🙂

  2. Sue

    The Trinas are a lovely looking sandal. I remember seeing them on Marlene’s blog and hankering after them for so long but gave up in the end. Do you have narrow feet by any chance as I’m of the impression that Sam Edelman’s come up a little narrow? I’ve just returned a lovely pair of ballet flats because they were just that little bit too snug. Size 4.5 and they would have been perfect instead of my usual 4 which I ordered. And now I can’t get them anymore.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      My feet are wide Sue! It might have just been the style, also if it’s patent leather then there will not be as much give as ordinary leather. I have 3 pairs by Sam Edelman plus the ones I passed onto Tween. I would say the sizing can be on the small side if not true to size but it’s not a problem being sandals.

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