Film Friday: Superman, Man of Steel (2013)

I haven’t been able to post Film Fridays for a long while and I had to this week – one word: Superman. I’ve been a long and faithful fan since the late Christopher Reeve donned the famous caped suit. And now after Brandon Roth here’s Henry Cavill, a British actor (who lost out to Roth at the time) picks up the baton.Superman-Man-of-Steel-LogoI’m glad the director, Zack Snyder approached the film the way he did. He took the time to lay firmer foundations about Superman’s home planet, Krypton, his parents, his adoptive parents, his Earth childhood and early adulthood. There was a new realism to the film, grittier, dirtier and bigger – like sci-fi big!

movies-man-of-steel-russell-crowe-jor-elRussell Crowe as his biological father, Jor-El Russell Crowne as Jor-El (2)Amazing-costumes-in-Man-Of-SteelAyelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van, his biological mother

423796_318311241632268_414983940_nThey prepare to send Kal-El away to Earth Man-of-Steel-Ayelet-Zurer-as-LaraThe film did not airbrush everyone and everything to perfection image0003Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as his Earth adoptive parents 468px-Man-of-Steel-Trailer-Images-Diane-Lane-as-Martha-Kent-1024x426 I thought they both portrayed their characters very wellhenry-cavill-man-of-steel-trailer More realism as Clark struggles to find his identity and purposeHenry-Cavill-in-Superman-Man-of-Steel-2013-Movie-Image2 henry_cavill_on_the_set_of_man_of_steel_1261799 MAN OF STEELWHAT’s not to love?PHcZqdolm0nyff_1_mOf course he gets insulted many times along the way but does not retaliate in kind the same as in previous fims. He takes it out on objects instead! Diane-Lane-Martha-Kent-Man-of-SteelAll the scenes between Clark and Martha Kent are very tender Man-Of-Steel-2013-chest-lookHe’s ready to be who he really issuperman-man-of-steel-unleashes-new-trailer MAN OF STEELGeneral Zod, once Jor-El’s ally. The film neatly explains his role more effectively than just as a ‘bad guy’ bent on Superman’s destruction.movies-man-of-steel-antje-traueShe’s a very tough girl! Antje Traue as Faora, General Zod’s right hand womanman-of-steel-full-page-wide-lois We’ve never seen Lois Lane in space beforemovies-man-of-steel-amy-adams-henry-cavill-antje-traue evil-mos-jpg_164739The female characters have very defined stereotypical roles perhaps except for Lois, a little bit of the time. article-0-16773EE4000005DC-565_634x470 I lvoe Amy Adams for her versatility and she brought a new fragility to Loisheader-man-of-steel-amy-adams-discusses-her-take-on-lois-laneLaurence Fishbourne as Perry White, her bossAmyAdamsLoisLaneThere’s definitely chemistry! henry-cavill-man-of-steelHenry Cavill was perfectly cast physically. He reminds me of Christopher Reeve in his portrayal: sensitive, tortured, principled and utterly drop dead gorgeous! And this article just makes him sound ridiculously perfect! 121212Superman_7014876lois-lane-superman-amy-adams-henry-cavill-111Superman-Man-of-SteelAnd so the fights and destruction begins! Man of SteelHe doesn’t wear his underpants over his tights anymore! the-new-man-of-steel-trailer-is-a-creepy-warning-message-about-supermanThe writers did well to weave a story that both explains the past and lays firm foundation for the future. We didn’t need another (super)hero but we need another Superman!

Thanks for reading!


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