Holiday Packing

TRAVELOUTFITThe time has come to tackle the dreaded Holiday Packing. It’s only a dread because I’ve always been the worst packer of all time. I missed going Interailing around Europe with my friends at 18 because I knew there was no way I could ever squeeze my packing into a backpack! And now I’ve not only my own stuff to think about, I’ve those of my 3 kids as well. Anyway, this is my proposed travel outfit above: Jaeger jersey black dress, Banana Republic light cardigan jacket, Via Spiga slippers and my Kelly 32 wearing a silk scarf as protection from the knocks and scrapes she’ll surely get en route. I’ve borrowed the canvas strap from the Evelyne bag and it’s just the right length.Yes, I’m going to wear a dress to travel. Last year I got several comments from readers incredulous at my choice of a dress. And I travel very normally, no VIP treatment. It’s simple, I don’t find jeans comfortable for long haul travel and I really hope I never have to wear any kind of track suit, jogger things. Dresses with stretch are comfortable whilst satisfying my need to look casual chic when traveling. I read this fabulous article, An Argument for Flying in High Style which I found via the blog Keep it Chic. It really doesn’t hurt to make a little effort if only to keep up morale – especially when I’ve got 3 kids in tow!

HOLIDAYCLOTHESThese are all the clothes I’m taking except for the Chambray shirt (in the wash at the time of the photoshoot). Pretty impressive editing, no? If I say so myself! 3 more dresses, 2 skirts, 1 pair of trousers, 4 shirts, 3 tees, 1 cardigan, for 4 weeks with washing facilities. I haven’t shown the undies and 2 swimming costumes, obviously.

HOLIDAYBAGS These are the bags, alas I can’t reduce further than this!HOLIDAYSANDALS5 pairs of shoes in total – I really like to rotate shoes often on holiday. EVEOUTFIT3This is an outfit I’m going to wear for an evening out. I have more chance of wearing anything remotely shiny and colourful on holiday than at home so need to make the most of it! Each piece works in the day time as well, I haven’t forgotten that part of the equation. The brocade skirt is something I dreamt of owning for such a long time. But it couldn’t be black which is far too limiting in my wardrobe. Then this came along by Red Valentino and I knew it was right for me. It’s a bronze shade that lends itself to being paired with khaki silk. The daywear safari style of the shirt – also here – is enough to keep things from going too far off into eveningwear territory with the richness of the brocade. I love the purple Chanel Jumbo bag and I’m really happy to push the boat out a little, to step out of my comfort zone in wearing it this way. And of course the Jimmy Choo python kitten heels are the new neutrals! I could still wear the shirt and skirt with the brown Trina or snakeskin flats with the Rugby bag or with the black Bernardo sandals and the navy Chanel m/l flap bag.

Accessories are 2 belts, cuffs, earrings and necklaces that I didn’t get the chance to photograph at the same time so will add later.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Holiday Packing

  1. Jill

    You are going to be the Most Glamorous Traveling Mom of All Time with these pieces. I approve, and you are even more of a role model for me now! XO, Jill

  2. Denise Reed

    You are going to look awesome, as usual. Love the commitment to wear a dress while traveling, its one of my main travel peeves, and its comfortable. Have a great trip.


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