Closet Audit: Footwear Overhaul

My accessories, in particular jewels and shoes underwent the biggest overhaul during the 2 year long closet audit. Now more time has passed, footwear definitely was biggest! The catalyst was a shift in a lifestyle pattern from having to drive everywhere (I find driving a real chore so believe me it was unavoidable) most days and the majority of time on my feet was spent in various sanitised indoor areas.

HEELSHeels galore! I wore these a lot and whilst they haven’t really dated, I rarely have occasion to wear them anymore. HEELS2Fast forward many years to a suburban, scenery of narrow crooked pavements sometimes littered with gravel, potholes of various sizes and rubbish not to mention the unmentionable! Oh I stopped driving completely for a long while, you know, to get re-acquainted with my feet as a pedestrian. My kids weren’t too impressed at first with walking ‘so much’ but they soon got used it because oh joy, when you’re not strapped into a vehicle, you can choose to skip, run or jump or any combination of these!

FLATSThese are what I wear now. TRINAThese are my favourites for Summer, plus the Jimmy Choo python kitten heels.

Thanks for reading!


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