Neon Love and Hospital Visit


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I love my neon lime/green bush in the background so much I almost blend into it! It’s a Zara Girls cardigan from last year. I like to pair it with white, here on holiday, and with blue and grey at home, under grey skies. NEON Actually I had just spent 8 hours at the hospital where my youngest needed to have a 10 minute procedure under general anaesthetic. The amount of forward planning required to be there was inversely proportional to the amount of time she actually spent in the operating theatre. Everything and everyone was great so apart from the long wait, we can’t complain. It was a chance to see some ill children including a sweet little baby and I found myself counting my blessings for 3 healthy kids. We take some of the most precious things for granted such as our health and the NHS.

DRINK She’d been fasting nearly 14 hrs up to this point. That’s big sister, Tween holding the cup.ICECREAMTUBA tub of ice cream made everything better!

NEON3I knew I had to dress very comfortably with lots to carry yet definitely needed to feel good at the same time. These blue bf Gap jeans were perfect together with the slouchy tee and metallic flats. I was going to wear the navy cardigan but the neon spoke to me!

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20 thoughts on “Neon Love and Hospital Visit

  1. Sue

    Ice cream fixes a lot doesn’t it? It certainly worked on your youngest. She has a lovely smile.

    Loving the arm candy – especially the grey Hermes? wraparound bracelet. Gorgeous.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! The grey is good with the jade and watch that I wear all the time, that’s why I’m wanting another grey cuff, does that sound weird?

  2. trinagrandinetti

    I’m loving the neon green this season, thanks for sharing great ways to wear this fun color. So glad to hear your little one is doing better, very fortunate to have such a wonderful and stylish mother.

  3. Iva

    Very fast recovery to the little darling and courage to the mother. In such moments I try to draw some inspiration from my clothes — I wear something that makes me at least look confident though I might not feel like it.

  4. Denise Reed

    The neon was the way to go, the color just oozes strength, love and care. Its a color that brings out smiles on those who wear it and the onlookers also. Take care and enjoy the vacation.

  5. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Poor baby! Hope all is well and that she’s on the mend. You managed to look cute in the middle of all that … I’m seriously impressed! Sweet cardi … you look so nice in what can be a highly problematic color! Extra nice with the gentle contrast of the gray. As alway, you rock, Mum!

  6. Adrienne Shubin

    Darling children. So glad it wasn’t something more involved than a 10 minute procedure.
    I have been considering neon myself but haven’t yet found anything I really like…but I really like your cardigan! It’s a great match with the grey tee.


    Beautiful little girl. Children in hospitals…a sad thought. But I’m grateful for good care for our kiddos (my oldest spent quite a bit of her earliest months in the hospital). Hope she recovers quickly.

    And your outfit looked perfect. Comfort, just enough class, and cheerfulness. Relevant to the moment.


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