Khaki and Ivory

KHAKICREAMDALVYAs soon as it gets warm enough I love to wear dresses and skirts with bare legs, but there have been very opportunities so far this year, and last year…This is a new Michael Kors ivory silk shirt again with an old Jaeger khaki pleated skirt, also here and in navy here. I like full skirts but I can’t have too much material around my waist area so have to be careful with the shape.KHAKICREAMDALVY2This season I’m adding a pop of colour with a Missoni elastic belt that happens to match the Twilly scarf, tan Dalvy and white leather slippers.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Khaki and Ivory

  1. silky1way

    Clean and smooth combination (happy about the silk blouse too)!I do also like the adding pop of colour and did I mentioned I am in love with this H special purse?

  2. Jill

    Oh you look so wonderful in this outfit! I especially love the skirt (and of course, don’t get me started on the Dalvy…). Thank you for joining Adrienne and me for the “How I Wear My: Sunglasses” post, it was great to have you on both blogs, in two different (and chic) looks! XO, Jill

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