July Inspiration


Happy 4th July to all those who celebrate!

Heidi Klum was never an obvious choice for me to be inspired by 🙂 BUT I really like how she looks here. She shows that a classic plain old shirt and skirt can look extraordinary when in a beautiful colour with nice accessories – no need for any excessive skin exposure.article-0-1A9CD13C000005DC-488_634x725 I love Sandra Bullock and I like her slightly tomboy style and naturalness here. This shows that a great pair of tailored pants and top can look just as dressed up as a cocktail dress.article-2276836-177DC571000005DC-126_306x719I love Amy Adams too and this has to be one of my favourite black evening gowns in a long time. It covers her to the throat, down the wrists and to the floor yet reveals a lot of flesh through the lace and high front split. Gorgeous. article-2331878-1A079F75000005DC-174_634x912 This is a most wonderful play on textures. I adore the long, sleek line and that it has a faux top and skirt look which is a bit 1940’s (my favoruite vintage era).article-2331878-1A07773C000005DC-571_306x603 Her rich lip colour is gorgeous!article-2276772-177D9638000005DC-530_628x884Another lesson in texture and peek a boo. Sometimes being entirely covered is much sexier! One of her best looks I think.streetstyle9508-web Wouldn’t you just love to have a play in Giovanna’s closet? I mean she’s so consistently inspirational! She makes fabrics that are traditionally eveningwear look chic for daytime.EF-DRE-044-008Classics will always have a place in my heart and this dress is a great example. There aren’t many places or situations that you couldn’t wear it to.streetstyle9383-webAnother example of how wonderful a well fitting pair of proper tailored pants can look. Properly on the waist – have we all forgotten how to wear anything on the waist? It doesn’t need to look mumsy at all.streetstyle9353-web A traditional dress shape but worn in quite a unique way.streetstyle9309-webI adore the texture and rough edges of this otherwise prim dress and better still worn with flats.streetstyle8893-webCovered up can be sexy…even with slipper flats. She looks so comfortable. streetstyle8897-webSheer, mannish jacket and hat, textures all look great together. streetstyle8967-web I love how these ladies wear their scarves.streetstyle9246-web streetstyle9267-web streetstyle9286-web streetstyle9325-web There’s a lot going on in this outfit and the styling is pretty unique. I haven’t seen such a diverse mix in one look before and it’s great to be able to do it!streetstyle9316-webColour, pattern and shape – I love everything about this look.TamarGuimaraesThis lady looks almost from another era. I love her style so much! It’s incredibly simple, 3 items together that’s all and I bet she’s as comfortable as can be. My perfect goal!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “July Inspiration

  1. denisereed1st

    Great post, these are truly wardrobe inspiring looks. I love the fact that not a lot of unnecessary flesh is exposed, yet these women look feminine, and noteworthy.

  2. silky1way

    love the post too. I have not seen some of the inspirations anywhere and I have to add Iam surfing fashion a lot. I love them all. My favourite is Sandra B. and be sure the pics will land in my fashion inspiration files. BTW I agree showing an extra skin is not sexy!


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