One Dress, Two Moods

SUMMERDRESS2WAYSLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Another favourite Jaeger Summer dress, here last year. It’s navy cotton with black silk bands in the skirt, machine washable and so easy to wear. I went to my kids end of year music concert so needed a tote (Longchamp) for gifts and cameras. The tote is called Roseau that I’ve had for many years now and it’s still going strong. I did think to buy one of those nylon totes (Le Pliage) but  as time goes on, feel the need less and less, besides I’ve never been one for fabric bags of any kind.SUMMERDRESS2WAYSB Oh dear, the leg o’ mutton arms make their appearance 🙂 The dress is cut very well and is truly petite friendly, it’s just my broad shoulders that make the armpits show in a not very nice way – I shouldn’t be bothered about it, I know! Sorry about the face, it’s hard to smile at a camera perched precariously on a card board box stood on its end on the garden table. My kids announced they were too exhausted from the concert to photograph me and collapsed in a heap on the sofa. They should try working their way to the front row of said concert (and every other one past and future), sitting down as neatly as possible with tote tucked behind legs on the floor, camera on lap, Sonycam discreetly in hand without disturbing the view of those unfortunate souls behind. What, I should get a Samsung Galaxy thingy? I’m old school, if you hadn’t noticed 🙂SUMMERDRESS2WAYSCWe went straight to lunch afterwards and all I had to do was change to my black vintage Céline box shoulder bag, here and here, and Sam Edelman’s black/white low heel sling backs.

CELINEHERMESDETAILSTwo different brands, vintage from about the same time and quite similar, no? The Hermés cuff is more like a bangle. I wanted goldtone hardware since I’ve mostly silvertone now. I am wild about these shoes! Not only are they a comfortable height, I adore the pattern which makes them so versatile. SUMMERDRESS2WAYSDThe only thing missing from the dress are side pockets. It really is a treasure of a dress because it gives me a waistline without any bulkiness and the skirt keeps on the good side of youthful for someone my age 🙂 Did I mention how comfortable it is? Now, excuse me while I try to do something about the bingo wings!

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “One Dress, Two Moods

  1. debbiebburns

    That’s a perfect little summer dress…and those shoes! Do you link your shoes up at the Citizen Rosebud? Because those are extremely likable and linkable!! Debbie @

  2. trinagrandinetti

    There is nothing better than a versatile dress that is both fashionable and comfy. Both the looks you wore are absolutely perfect for summer attire.
    Also, thanks for the great personal post, I’m still laughing as I type this. Keep smiling!

  3. Vix

    That’s one pretty dress, what a fab shape it is on you! I can’t see any problem with your arms, they are lovely! xxx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh Vix, you’re back!? I can’t keep up with you! Thank you so much, like I said I shouldn’t be worried but it’s always been a ‘thing’ for me even when I was smaller all over 🙂

  4. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Very classic … just like you. Love navy, glad to see it around much more, and especially this very cute one. Nice to have pieces that you can just switch out that make such a difference. I’m a big fan of that shade of tan. Very elegant examples. And if you have problems with your arms … what are the rest of us to do!? You look lovely. Too bad the photographers flaked out on you.


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