Navy Linen and Dalvy Details

NAVYBROWNS2 A staple Summer dress by The White Company in navy linen, here and here in white. I’ve had them for many years and it’s a perfect style – a little bit 70’s – that gets a lot of wear at home in the heat and on holiday. It was definitely a good investment!NAVYMISSONIBROWNSI like it with the stretch Missoni belt. Sandals are by Fendi and the reason why the ankle buckles are almost at the front is because my ankles are skinny while the rest of my feet are as broad as a duck’s 🙂DALVYTPFAnd so we come to Miss Dalvy again: as requested by SILKY1WAY, I’ve added more photos of this unusual bag.DALVY She tapers slightly towards the top like the Kelly.DALVYBACKThe closure is by a tab that slots into the button. DALVYCLASPI especially love the white stitching – in fact I’m crazy about it and want more! DALVYSIDEYou can see that it’s not possible to carry without closing the bag due to how the handle has to slot in. DALVYOPEN There are only open pockets inside and here you can see the slot at the top of the button that the tab goes into.DALVYOPEN2The bag is the perfect size for me and I’ve read there’s a larger size. Because the leather is Vache Naturel, it’s slightly heavier for a bag this size than in say, box leather. And the tab closure can be fiddly to use. The worst wear I’ve seen in this style of bag shows on the leather tab.DALVYFULLI can fit maximum a card case, wallet, make up case, sunglasses, phone, pens and a rolled up Envirox bag, plus some tissues (not shown).

Hope this helps you SILKY1WAY! Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Navy Linen and Dalvy Details

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I know it’s an ‘old’ style but I really do think there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel – it’s a style that works then and now.

  1. Jill

    The dress is great, now I want one! And as for the Dalvy, wow, that is one gorgeous bag and I’m with you, the white stitching is just divine. Oh you are a lucky lady! XO, Jill

  2. silky1way

    Wonderful post. I knew it! I do really like unusual things, things I can’t see everywhere or on anyone and this purse is exactly like that. Classy yet understated but different and to be honest I can understand you to be crazy about the white stitching. I love it. I would not mind if you style the bag to every possible outfit in your wardrobe.
    Thank you for the close up photos!!!!!!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      You’re very welcome and I could talk about this bag all day 🙂 I really do want to wear this and my other H bags/accessories as much as possible. The lesser known styles give me a little more joy than the others because they are different and are not seen so often. Thank you for your encouragement Suzi!

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