Linen and Silk

BEIGESKIRT I have a shopping list based on the tiny gaps that exist in my wardrobe (I realise now 6 months on that the gaps will never be totally eradicated but more about that in a later post). One of the items was a simple flared skirt for Spring/Summer. I find skirts to be warm and easy to wear in deepest Winter and airy in the heat. I couldn’t find one anywhere since I was after such a classic style no one bothers to produce anymore. Then I read Sue So So’s post here.BEIGESKIRT2It looked the perfect shape and length and colour I wanted – even though Sue wasn’t so sure about hers! It’s the sort of basic thing I don’t get tired of. I added definition with the dark belt and bag. Next I’ll wear it with heels for a dressier look. All in all I’m very happy with it! Thanks Sue! BEIGESKIRTCLOSEI’ve decapitated the sleepy head – am so ready for school to finish – and just leave the split ends 🙂 It’s the perfect weight, not flimsy, has pockets and well finished inside. I felt cool as a cucumber on that sweltering day.ORANGEROSEOne of my roses blooming when I took the photos so added it in the hope of diluting all the beigeness!

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6 thoughts on “Linen and Silk

  1. Denise Reed

    This is such a nice look on you, I really like the way your accessories add polish, and sure it would look just as dynamic with heels. Thanks for the cross post, I enjoyed Sue’s take on the skirt also, you both show individuality in a similar look. Bravo!

  2. Sue

    The skirt looks really lovely on you and it obviously compliments your wardrobe beautifully. I knew there’d be a little belt with it. Now I feel like I should have kept it :o( because it looks really good on you. And it seems to be the shape for the season ahead (says Vogue). Yay!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! I never ever would have found it without you 🙂 I haven’t read Vogue for over 7 years now and no fashion magazines at all in the last 3. I find more than enough and better inspiration from bloggers like yourself and so many others 🙂

      1. Sue

        I’ve bought fewer magazines in the last year since I started following blogs but I do like a good flick through a mag to make me realise what’s current. Keeps me on my toes a little :o)

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