One Dress, Two Scarf Belts


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A safari dress by Oasis from *bay last year makes its debut due to the *constant* good weather we’re having. I was on a roll then snapping up really good high street dresses for very little. It’s a great fit and even the belt loops are at the right level. I decided to try to use my scarves much more and here is ‘Axis Mundi’ by Hermès as a belt, also here and here. The brown Fendi sandals were also an *bay score. I love the details on the dress and it’s so well made. Sometimes the High Street labels trump the designers.AXISMUNDIBELT I need to practice folding as I wanted the brown to show a little less.KHAKIDRESSCOUPDEFOUETA new to me scarf called ‘Coup de Fouet’, the colourway and pattern is really different to what I currently have and somehow amazingly versatile, that’s the beauty of Hermès, I guess 🙂 I took a very long time to consider which scarf to add to my collection.KHAKIDRESSCOUPDEFOUET3And making her debut (after geting lots of leather TLC), Miss Kelly 32 in Naturel Chamonix – by coincidence, almost matching my tan leather slippers. I was desperate to find some light coloured slippers for the Summer and was beyond delighted my search was over with these by Cobra Society – me neither, never heard of that brand before! They have a lime green leather piping around the top.KHAKIDRESSCOUPDEFOUETCLOSEUPThe colours here are much more accurate. I would never have put sky blue with khaki but they work fine. I don’t think anyone can produce colours as well as Hermès and that is the main focus for me with scarf selection, or indeed of anything. The pattern is a secondary consideration. At first I didn’t feel the need for more H scarves because I have other scarves I use often enough but it’s the desire for colours that finally made me choose a few more. I can totally understand how one can get carried away.

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17 thoughts on “One Dress, Two Scarf Belts

  1. happyface313

    Both scarves go very well with your dress! By the way, congratulation on that great find! Your dress looks hassle-free and easy to wear and mix with everything – as your scarves 😉
    Your Kelly is a dream! Love the colour 🙂
    Have a very HAPPY week! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I have to tell you that the Kelly was bought by someone else first then was returned and I snapped it up! The first scarf was a gift from my mother around 13 years ago and it taught me a lot.

  2. trinagrandinetti

    Love everything about this post and outfit, great dress and brilliant way to mix it up by changing the belt to a scarf (different scarves). Your shoes are to die for, I’ve been eyeing those slippers but you found a great leather pair and the trim on those is worth the purchase in and of itself.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Trina! I’m not a natural at accessorising or styling so this year I’ve been making a big effort 🙂 I had a shoe overhaul because I prefer/have to wear low or flat heels nowadays and the slipper style is so comfortable. Tan is always a hard colour to find – good luck with finding yours!

  3. Vix

    Lovely dress, a perfect fit and shape on you. I can never fold a scarf the right way either, the patterned bit always ends up in the wrong place! x

  4. jangrahammcmillen

    What a wonderful lesson on personalized style for all of us! You look lovely, and creatively together in a highly individualized way. Nothing about your combinations ever scream. They speak low and eloquently.
    Beautiful tonal matching sure works when combining colors … seriously impressed with the elegance you used to put together this casual outfit. I want to be you when I grow up.

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