Jolly H-Happy!

It’s the school holidays and I have 3 kids to occupy for 14 hours a day – OK 12 if we don’t count meal times. How come they don’t understand ‘relax‘ as a verb or command and can’t lie in – or are they just saving it up for the slothful teen years? And it’s only the first week….They keep me on my toes because they’re growing up all the time and as soon as I think I have them sussed they surprise me. Have you ever seen non -triplets have a 3 way slanging match? It’s not as ugly as it sounds because they don’t swear – at least not until the very, very last part if I intervene a little too late 🙂 I read somewhere that parents should stand back and ‘allow’ siblings to ‘resolve’ their own problems because they learn how to compromise this way…how long a time frame are we talking about for this? It’s not working so far!

Not very Jolly. So I packed my youngest 2 off to Day Camp while Tween and I escaped to London. I had an important errand to run anyway but not so important that she couldn’t come too. No guilt.

CCBACKPACKI love going into London very early in the morning when most commuters are safely installed at their workplaces and there are hardly any tourists on the streets. We made our way to New Bond Street and it was barely ready to open. Most places still had the cleaners sweeping the doorstep and vacuuming inside.

MAXMARAAt Max Mara, monochrome rarely fails to look sharp and elegant. PRADA2Retro at Prada. PRADASmaller bags are making a come back.K28SILKLINENOutside Hermès, carrying my Kelly 28 in black box leather and an Evirosax bag.

HSCARVESOne of the windows at Hermès.

TOOLBOXI got to carry the Toolbox in the ‘Crevette’ colour. This is the smallest size, as dinky as could be yet due to its boxy depth, fits in as much as a wider bag. The colour actually looked pretty good with the cream and beige I was wearing. The lady here happens to be the resident ‘Leather Artisan’ who was packing up the Toolbox as it had been sold – not to me I hasten to add but it definitely made me feel Jolly!

EXOTICHThese were my contribution to their display 🙂 My Rouge H alligator Princesse bag here and black crocodile Vasco here. That was the main reason for my visit, they needed to be serviced and I’ve been delaying it far too long. The Vasco is from the 70’s and the Princesse is older.

The Artisan was telling me she has a Princesse too in brown and another she restored had broken stitching on the top of the strap but mine was perfectly sound. When I first explained my purpose to one of her male colleagues, he misunderstood and told me they had absolutely no exotics in store at the moment so I found myself replying, ‘It’s ok, I’ve brought 2 in!’ 🙂 A customer sidled over and picked up the Vasco and was told to please put it back down by the Artisan who then apologised to me. I would have done the same in fact, they’re pretty tactile! Tellingly she asked if I will be using the bags, I told her as much as possible and that seemed to make her really happy. She said that sometimes customers are horrified at the thought of using them and only want to keep them on a shelf.

PMTEAAfterwards we completed our morning with an early Afternoon Tea for Two. We were in fact a little too early but the waitress checked and told us they’d prepare it all the same.

CAKESTANDDainty yumminess.

TEAPOTClotted cream and jam.

SUGARTween loved the sugar lumps. Very Jolly!

K28BBBlack Box Kelly got her own seat.

It turned very warm in the afternoon so as soon as my major errand was completed, we set off back home. My other two kids had a blast at Day Camp and asked to go again. Oh, my bags will take a few months so hopefully they’ll be home for Christmas 🙂

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Jolly H-Happy!

  1. happyface313

    Oh, my gosh, your bags all are lovely. May I ask – did you inherit the Alligator and Crocodile bags? Do they really need servicing? They look so perfectly in good order.
    Seems like you and your child had a blast of a day 🙂 Great fun!
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I wish they had been inherited 🙂 but I was lucky enough to score them online, the Vasco last year and the Princesse earlier this year. The Vasco has very superficial marks, so it will mostly be a cleaning and touch up job whereas the Princesse has more serious loss of colour on the front flap as well as being in need of a good clean.
      I plan to have these outings with my children together and individually from now on, it was so marvelous 🙂
      Thank you for your good wishes as always!

      1. happyface313

        Special outings with the kids are always fun and very good 🙂
        Well, I am waiting to see these beauties after their “service” 🙂
        Have a wonderful week 🙂

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        Thank you. the Artisan will do it on site in London and not send them to Paris. I really can’t imagine what they will look like finished, it’s my first time to use their ‘spa’ service 🙂

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