Holiday: Travel Outfit

Here was my original proposed outfit:

TRAVELOUTFITWell I decided the dress is a just a little too snug on me and it seems the weather should be good enough not to require a top layer en route to the airport so I had to choose something else. Also this beauty of a bag arrived just in time, I hadn’t planned on taking her but she’s so wonderful I had a re-think of everything I’ve packed to see how she’d fit in – perfectly with no re-adjustments required!

BRIQUEHermès Plume 32cm in Chêvre Brique. It’s a rusty brown I’m crazy about and has white stitching.BRIQUE2I admired this bag from afar since last year and finally took the plunge. There were many things for me to consider in adding to my collection, size, colour, material and function as well as the cost.AIRPORT1In the end I wore this silk Jaeger silk dress with a print of rust coloured umbrellas. I needed a more casual, easier look and felt the Kelly 32 would be a little too structured for this holiday.AIRPORT2The bag has ample space for everything and my cardigan inside. I should update with some interior photos.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Holiday: Travel Outfit

  1. Jill

    What a great bag, oh you are so lucky! The dress looks wonderful on you, and I love the pictures with your beautiful children. Lucky with children, lucky with bags! I hope you have a fun holiday with your family. XO, Jill

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Jill! You’re very sweet and I hope you’re having great Summer too. It really was luck that no one else snapped up the bag after all this time. x

  2. happyface313

    I like the polka-dotted bag very much. But your new Plume – congratulations!! – is a classic and I trust you will have it for a very long time.
    Very nice pictures of you and your family. Have a wonderful and HAPPY holiday! 😀

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much – the bag under the polka dot scarf is a Kelly 32 Chamonix. I shall make it up to her for leaving her behind when i get back 🙂 I still can’t believe no one else snapped up the Plume before me. I hop eyou’re having a lovely Summer too.

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