Holiday: First Swim, Fast Tan

BEACHCOVER2Tanned under 2 hrs poolside – that’s me! This dress serves as an easy pool cover up and for the beach if we go. My hair was curly for about 3 hrs because it had been twisted up while I swam. I love this sun hat so much, from Forever 21 last Summer and look, I’m wearing flip flops!SWIMSUITThe before photo of how ‘pale’ I was 😉 My swimsuit is Speedo that I bought years ago and never got to wear until now. I think it’s safe and true to say that you will be hard pressed to find an Oriental woman who actively wants to get tanned. It’s just not something that’s viewed as desirable or necessary no matter what Coco Chanel did. Fortunately, my family’s always been very laid back about it but I know others who go to extraordinary lengths to avoid catching any of the sun’s rays wherever they are. The first and last time I got really, really brown was when I was 15 on the Côte D’Azur where we were on the beach at Cannes and in the sea all the time so it was pretty much unavoidable. Since then of course I take reasonable precaution whenever in the sun and I always, always wear a total sunblock or the highest factor on my face….plus sunglasses….plus hat….in the shade 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Holiday: First Swim, Fast Tan

  1. Veshoevius

    Love your sunhat! My part Oriental genes mean my skin tone can get quite blanched in winter here but I prefer a sunkissed look so I do my fair share of sunbathing when I go on holiday. I am always kind of horrified by the images of women in China swimming in the sea with gimp masks in their bid to remain pale! That must feel so claustrophobic – sunglasses and hat is surely a more comforable (and chic) option!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I get deathly pale in the Winter too but it doesn’t bother me, maybe because I tan so very easily at the first rays. Those masks are the most extreme I’ve seen and can’t imagine wearing one either. I’m considering lightening my age spots though but that’s another whole issue!

  2. Sue

    I already have a bit of colour – I’m not one of those lily white Chinese ladies which so many aspire to be. It helps in the winter but in the summer, I can catch it in just ten minutes. Kills me because I go mucky brown instead of golden.

    BTW – I’m an all in one girl too. I can’t do bikinis any more. I’m not sure I ever could though.

  3. silkpathdiary Post author

    Yep, nut brown, that’s me and the girls while my son goes a golden brown.

    I used to wear bikinis too then graduated to tankinis but the ones I have don’t fit anymore so I was really glad to have this Speedo suit. It’s rare to find one that fits well, this is a touch too big.

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