Scarf Belt with Yellow and White


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I brought only one scarf, the Coup de Fouet 90cm also here (where the colours look very different because of how I folded it). As soon as I saw the pattern and colourway, it was love at first sight and it matches/compliments so many colours I wear and all the bags I brought with me – it’s a true marvel! Normally I would have worn just the safari silk blouse and skirt but since I’m having so much fun accessorising and styling this year, added the scarf for an extra dimension. I realised that the outfits I admire most on others are the ones that make me look twice (in a good way!) because there’s something extra to please my senses. That’s what it’s all about aftterall!

YELLOWSPATTERNEARRINGSThere are so many ways to use Hermès scarves all year round and it’s something you can learn to do with special booklets they produce or just by reading about how others do it on The Purse Forum and elsewhere – there’s a wealth of information available for free. I wore a pair of vintage earrings that really finished off the outfit – argh forgot to add the purple Hapi bracelet!

BACKYELLOWCOUPDEFOUETIt’s always nice to give a little back view to remember! I like how the scarf ends echo my dark coloured bag and sandals. The silk shirt is Banana Republic from last year’s Summer sale. The silk isn’t as thick as I’d like it to be but it’s a great style I’ve always worn and the skirt is a no brand bargain I found on *bay for a few pounds that happens to fit me perfectly.

ACCESSORIES2Thanks for reading!


23 thoughts on “Scarf Belt with Yellow and White

  1. Jill

    This is such a great outfit on you. I want to see the entire scarf design! Is it a Fall 2013 scarf? I should investigate. I want to go to Hermes to see the new scarves but I know it will result in a terrible shopping ban accident. I always fall in love with at least one new scarf. Last year it was Laboratoire du Temps and boy did I fall hard for that one. I’m going to try to link up to Visible Monday for the first time tomorrow! XO, Jill

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Jill! I’m not sure how current it is sorry – I never pay attention to these things and I should. I’m doing a whole post on it later this week with my Plume bag so you will the entire pattern. It’s pretty magical how it works for so many things I wear.
      ‘Shopping accident’ lol! That’s pretty much the last 2 decades of my life 🙂 x

  2. Mom Mom's Apron

    That is a gorgeous scarf! I can see why you love it so much. I’m definitely drawn to the versatile neutrals in the more classic patterns. Do you find that it stays put pretty well throughout the day with sitting, bending, driving, etc. or do you have to adjust it often?

  3. Sue

    I’m echoing Zalina – very chic and the scarf just adds that little extra like you say. I do love those Marni sandals which you and Marlene have.

  4. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Really, such perfect pieces together. Smartypants, you! Gorgeous fabrics and such a nice compliment to the Hermes scarf. Clean, classic, and as always, with your own personal flair.
    A treat to behold!

  5. Vix

    Get yourself a book called “99 Ways to Cut, Sew & Rock Your Scarf”. Obviously it doesn’t matter whether it’s a branded scarf or a cheapo charity shopped one – there’s some brilliant ideas in there! Love you in yellow, it really suits you. x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for the heads up Vix, of course I should have known to find a book! I’ve always loved this shade of lemon yellow. Used to have a man’s shirt in the 80’s that I wore belted at the hips with a long skirt. xx

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