The Plume and Coup de Fouet

BAGSONSCARF My holiday bags and the colours in the scarf compliment all of them.PLUME6I’m crazy in love with the white contrast stitching. You can see the subtle and unique grain of the Chêvre skin. In general I prefer smooth leathers but somethow I really love the Chêvre.PLUME At first I wasn’t sure at all about this style for me. The sizes it comes in were either a little too large or too small for me and I knew I did not want a neutral colour. In the past year, I decided to only choose colours if I’m going to add to my collection. This is called Brique I believe and is a rich rust brown. When I asked about it at Hermès, New Bond Street, they said it’s currently unavailable. In other leathers it looks much browner but for me the Chêvre with its subtle sheen shows it off as a perfect shade for all year round.PLUME7 I’ve not seen another like it. Other bags showed the zip buckling sometimes really badly, I dread to think it happening to mine. I love its clean lines which are similar to the less structured Victoria. The other version I think would be divine is in an exotic skin.INTERIORPLUMELots of space! For travel, I was able to roll up my cardigan and put it on top. I needed a tote style that closes but a little smaller than the traditional tote size and this is perfect.PLUME3I’m crazy in love with this scarf too! I have the more traditional designs but wanted something different and graphic for a change. Whatever the design, the colours must be right. At first I was totally overwhelmed with the enormous choice that’s available in the boutiques and via resellers. There was no short cut, I looked at as many as I could and learnt the types of designs I liked and the types of patterns which are very broadly speaking either traditional – horses and everything conceivable to do with them 🙂 or graphic. I like both but knowing the colours that would suit further narrows down the choices. I ended up with a list of about 4 colourways that I want to add to my collection with the requirements to avoid too much white or gold in the design.DOGONPLUME I use the Dogon as my travel wallet since it’s large enough without being bulky (was designed for the big French franc notes!).PLUME2The colours look wonderfully rich and vibrant at night. Definitely a favourite duo!

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10 thoughts on “The Plume and Coup de Fouet

  1. happyface313

    I think the Plume is such a lovely bag – especially, since it can be worn over the shoulder. That is a real “ME” bag!! One day…
    Fully agree, your scarf is lovely and it matches all your exceptional bags 🙂
    HAPPY Holiays! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment! I mean the zip not lying flat and smooth all along the bag. The worst example I’ve seen is where the zip ripples and ‘buckles’ all along the length from one end to another.

  2. silky1way

    Love, love your plume. I actually love all of your bags selection inckuding the plume coloured Chanel jumbo.All of them are special not boring, great choice of colours.

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