Purple on Purple and Packing Tips


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I wasn’t going to pack this lilac Jaeger dress because it gets worn enough at home in Spring and the hot Summer we’re blessed with. I’d washed it and there it hung unironed but I grabbed it anyway! It’s a well tested and trusted dress and those are the very reasons I should bring it! I have to reference Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) for her excellent packing lessons post here because I learnt the same lessons last year and continue working to improve. PURPLEONPURPLE2 It’s sleeveless but not strappy, has pockets, isn’t see through and washes easily = a perfect holiday dress! A light white cardigan is always useful too, at home or away. I used to pack things I hadn’t worn or rarely used at home on holiday thinking it would be my opportunity to finally wear/use them. They were special. No, the reality was they didn’t necessarily feel comfortable which is top priority afterall on holiday, or needed particular adjustments and/or accessories – who in their right mind spends time fiddling with fussy clothes while on holiday? Yeah, ok, me but I’m better now!PURPLEONPURPLE3So the purple Chanel Timeless bag 🙂 I adore the colour – it was seasonal only produced for that year and is a single flap which is my personal favourite. She fell firmly in the hardly used at home category but having been lucky enough to find her in the first place, I just could not part with her. At first I was a little unsure how the colour would work tone on tone like this, definitely something differenct for me. Happily, I love it!PURPLEDETAILSPink alligator CDC and KDT in étain. The hardware on the Chanel bag is special too, in between gold and silvertone so a perfect blend for me. Later in the day I went for a swim and all I had to do was take off all the accessories, put on my flip flops (yes I do wear them but literally only poolside), grab the swim bag and go!

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6 thoughts on “Purple on Purple and Packing Tips

  1. happyface313

    This is the perfect outfit! I love the combination of the simple dress with the elegant and very beautiful accessories your have. The handbag and the bracelets are a dream.
    You packed wonderfully! 🙂
    Hope your holidays are wonderful and HAPPY 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support of my choices! I really cut back on what I packed this year – I always used to overpack – and STILL have too many outfits – but this is GOOD because at least it means I CAN mix and match 🙂 The secret for me is the right blend of accessories.

      1. happyface313

        Happy to comment 🙂
        If I may suggest: Make a list of things you packed this year and what you where happy with. That will help you next year with your summer packing choices 🙂
        Have a wonderful holiday 🙂

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    The dress is adorable, as I’m sure it is with or without the cardigan. But the accessories are what gives it the ooomph! Is there a “pack to dress around your accessories” theory? You’ll look very confident in this dress … I always want to look like I’m NOT a tourist, and a little dress looks more “local’ to my eye. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and travel safely,


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