Safari Dress and Dark Accents

GROCERYSAFARI2Favourite safari dress again, this time grocery shopping – some things never change especially on an extended time away from home. I’m not the sort of person who likes to go away for short trips especially if it involves flying and with children. Even with my slightly reformed ways in better packing, there’s always a lot of forward planning. I used to wonder why people traveled to the same place year after year, surely you’d get bored? Well I’m that person now! There’s comfort in knowing what to expect, what there is for the kids to enjoy so there’s much less research needed. However, there’s still a lot of new things to discover and each year my kids approach similar activities in a different way as they grow up. GROCERYSAFARIThese sandals are great to update an old classic dress. GROCERYSAFARICLOSEThe strap length is perfect for me as a cross body leaving my hands free for grabbing things off the shelf and choosing fruit and vegetables….and gripping a shopping trolley that refuses to roll straight arghh!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Safari Dress and Dark Accents

  1. Sue

    I like the black accents – a little edgier than the regular tan details which I would have added. Black can be quite harsh on the legs sometimes which is why I choose softer colours but your sandals work well here especially with the bag. Jolie chic.

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