Simply Navy and White Basics

navywhiteNothing is too simple for me but what I didn’t realise all those years ago was there’s a fine line between plain boring and making an outfit just that little bit more interesting and complete with the right accessories. I’ve always been a late starter!CEILING2I went sightseeing and loved this intricate ceiling. NAVYWHITE3I invested the time to find great basics this year and it’s so worth it! The secret to a better looking tee on me is the fabric – viscose – and cut – loose but not baggy. This is by Gap.NAVYWHITE2 I love this skirt soooo much too – the shape is perfect! I wish I could have it copied.NAVYWHITE6For the longest time I resisted the very idea of Collier de Chien cuffs believing they would overwhelm my small wrist and me. I think the word gaudy even occured to me but they’re just the thing to wear with basics! And I think I’ve drooled enough about the sandals 🙂 SASHIMI2A long awaited treat of salmon sashimi! My Tween loves it as well and ate some of mine after she polished off hers. I think she and I must have Mummy Bear and Baby Bear in our previous lives 😉

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5 thoughts on “Simply Navy and White Basics

  1. Jill

    Maybe I need to try on a CDC again. I did last year and it just seemed so big, way too big for me. The SA told me they were too expensive not to wear a lot. She new a Hapi 3MM was right up my alley, ha ha! You look wonderful. I am on a navy and white kick too. Can you join us for “How I Wear My: Neon”? Think about it anyway! XO, Jill

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