Patterns and Colours on White

DRESS DRESSCLOSEThe old me would have have been more than happy wearing plain white as I love to do in the Summer. The new me needs pattern and colour where possible. This linen shift dress by Jaeger boutique is a new staple. I was going to wear it as a shift but felt it was too long to my own surprise and reached not for a plain belt but for the Hermès scarf again!DRESS2I had to fold it to quite a narrow width and tucked the ends under. Simple!FEETBAGMiss Rugby is a perfect size and so light I sometimes forget I’m carrying a bag at all. DRESS3I’m crazy about these shoes! One daughter said they look old fashion and the other said I can tap dance in them! The style is perfect for me because they are not too open and there’s just enough of a heel for a leg slimming effect. The colour is perfect to wear with white when white shoes look a bit too matchy matchy.dresscollage I wish I’d paid much more attention to accessories and accessorising years ago!RUGBYCONTENTI don’t carry much at all with me on holiday. The one thing I did completely forget to bring are gloves for driving. This is the kind of place where you need to drive, it’s sweaty and the sun is fierce enough to make a difference since I tan soooo easily.

RUGBYSCARFThanks for reading!


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