Inspiration A/W 2013

VIVIANANATASHA I used to be afraid of bright colours and bold patterns, together they were out of the question. These days I love both equally and even together! When I see colours and patterens mixed up like in these photos, it just fills me with joy and inspiration. Slowly I’m learning to embrace them! Slowly.streetstyle9663-webShape and tailoring always inspire me. This year involves styling as a personal challenge. I love how she wears a plain tee and denim sleeveless (edges left raw!) with this beautiful skirt!article-2415738-1BB497B9000005DC-983_634x971I happen to adore this stapless dress, it’s a simple yet wonderfully effective alternative to an LBD which can sometimes feel too safe. Always wear beautiful shoes! article-2411855-1BA01633000005DC-600_306x846Lace always makes me drool and I think it’s perfect that she chose to wear simple velvet slippers – youthful and comfortable! streetstyle9909-webVelvet is something else I love but never quite managed to make it work in my life. Also it can appear heavy and dramatic but this whole outfit looks youthfull and light. Textures and mixing them up is another challenge for me and I really want to try it more this year.streetstyle8760-web Layering is something I now know I can “do” and this inspires me further!Tian Well, I love trousers. The ladies look so unique,  elegant and chic to me.streetstyle8753-webSo fun and clever mixing not only different shades of green but textures and style eras. End result is sleek and chic. I think I recognise that scarf as a belt…..chioma-nnadi-5-days-001_121134865652Not only am I more open to wearing colours but experimenting with mixing unexpected shades together.article-2414114-1BA8CA15000005DC-417_634x524This probably would be my ideal evening uniform if I had enough any evening events to attend. The lace and trousers look ultra feminine. article-2414817-1BABF6D1000005DC-951_634x888And how gorgeous is this evening look? Simple, easy and powerfull! I have a black top exactly like that I used to wear to death in the 90’s with…..yes, mermaid skirts! But in those days the skirts (everything!) were bias cut and since then I’ve avoided bias anything like the plague. I’ve always been a fan of a top – whether it be an evening shirt or blouse, bustier or camisole with trousers or skirts for eveningwear. This just brings me back to my search for a beautiful printed skirt – knee length.

Thanks for reading!

Photos from All the Pretty Birds Vanessa Jackman, Daily Mail Online


One thought on “Inspiration A/W 2013

  1. silky1way

    ohhhh…. great selection of outfits…..I do love, love the lady in the red hat. The whole ensemble is beautiful! The emerald green trousers are great inspiration for me. Purchased an emerald green wool lately and now i know what to with it!:-) I used to be a red colour enemy, but i over came my fear recently.:-)


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