Fitness & Health: 47

This is a category I haven’t used in a long while! I thought of the title ‘Anti Anti Ageing’ but fundamentally, it’s about health which includes a level of fitness, everything else will come from that and is a bonus. We all age, it’s natural and it’s a bit silly to me to think we can fight it. You don’t fight against nature, that much I know! But I do like to think that we have some control about how we age.

I’ve been very fortunate with my health for most of my life except when I was very small during which time I caught everything going according to my mother. I’m not talking about just the common cold and yearly flu outbreaks but include chicken pox, scarlet fever and measles. Fast forward to post 3 kids in quick succession by 40 and like a lot of women, I struggled to achieve any kind of fitness. Fortunately I’ve never smoked and alcohol consumption barely registers on a yearly scale. What I want are:

  1. tone
  2. flexibility
  3. reduce bloating (hopefully addressed with 4. below)
  4. improve general diet eg less sugar, more vegetables etc.

The activities of dancing and copious amounts of walking (when living in central London) were no longer applicable in a small town and family life. Running, jogging, gyms were always out of the question (too much muscle bulk for my frame) and I didn’t fancy swimming until this year. I’ve swum almost everyday for the last 2.5 weeks and even at a very basic level, the difference has been noticeable around my middle which is the area that needs most help 🙂 I also ate more carefully – easier than at home since I have less healthy choices away. So a little regular exercise really does go a long way if it’s the right one for your body and life. I can continue swimming at home without having to buy any exercise gear! I have to tell you that Vix of Vintage Vixen is my inspiration for swimming 🙂 and eating more veg as she’s vegetarian. Thank you Vix – you’re the best! 🙂SWIMSUIT2For the record, next birthday is 47 so I’d better get it together! I bought the swimsuit (by Sunseeker Australia) from TK Maxx earlier this year. The one I thought my kids would like but they were stunned into silence before uttering, ‘It looks very small!’. Hah they ate their words! It’s an amazing design with a built in control panel and support but still, I’m motivated – it’s a start!

The tricky part for me was finding a realistic and balanced goal for my build and lifestyle. I’ve never dieted in my life and not about to start now! Believe it or not I have an eat well and sleep well approach. Clearly this is simply not enough as the years go by and my body breaks down changes 🙂 Then by chance I read an article about Dr Jean-Michel Cohen, who’s French (of course!) and wrote the book, ‘Parisian Diet: How to Reach Your Right Weight and Stay There’. I almost stopped reading there and then because I don’t believe the end goal should be a number on a scale – my clothes already tell me my weight flunctuations and I can feel within myself the variations. Anyway I did read the entire article and it made the most sense to me! His approach and advice were pretty much aligned to my own thinking and beliefs, it was not anything ‘new’ as such but it’s comprehensive in dealing with everything from working out an ideal weight – without BMIs etc (mine is 47kg), to foods, to exercise, to even eating out AND covered the different types of cuisines – I was most impressed by this since I do enjoy varied flavours and eating out occasionally.

DUNKI32So, it’s ok to enjoy many things such as dessert and alcohol but it has to be in the context of the whole regime. I don’t want the rest of my natural life to be that of denial. For example, my entire family loves doughnuts! These are Dunkin Donuts, anyone familiar with them? My favourite is the Bavarian cream flavour. I have one or two a year on holiday since I’ve yet to find any in the UK….fortunately 😉

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Fitness & Health: 47

  1. LaTonya Baldwin

    After 40, you begin to lose muscle, and flab will set in before bulk. I encourage you to rethink the gym and lifting weights. There’s ton of research on the benefits of strength training for women and seniors. You don’t have the testerone levels nor the time nor inclination to work out long enough to bulk. Trust me, put that myth to bed. It was debunked decades ago. If you want a good book on weights, check out _New Rules for Lifting for Women_. Your metabolism also drops every decade after 30 and I swear it drops like rock after 40. Weight training causes the body to continue to burn calories after exercising and muscle burns more calories. A lean toned body beates a flabbly round one. Just my opinion. You look great. Clearly you’re doing plenty right.

  2. Vix

    From a fellow almost 47 year old I’m in awe at how gorgeous, toned and healthy you look in that swimsuit. I’d definitely tell you how fabulous you looked if I saw you down the local baths. xxx

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