Double Snake

DOUBLESNAKE Why not wear two snake items together? I’m growing bolder all the time! This is a favourite jersey skirt here and here that’s so comfortable and versatile for me.DOUBLESNAKE2My jumper is from Gap Girls, snake print loafers by Marc Jacobs, bag is the Louis Vuitton Lockit and cuffs by Barbara Bui and Hermès. DOUBLESNAKECLOSE2This is a more true to life photo showing the lovely moss stitch detail of the jumper (I have it in navy as well). As with many of my outfits it can be easily dressed up by just changing the flats to heels in this case. Usually I’m the last to bare legs and the first to pull on the tights but this year, no idea why, I find myself resisting the additional layers for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Double Snake

  1. Sue

    We’re going to be having above average temperatures in the next week or so the nice weatherman said this morning. Yippee. I’ve kept out a pair of sandals just incase.

    And get you, snake on snake. I need to ramp up my game … with winter calling so soon, I’ve just been reaching for comfort clothes – comfort clothes which should be worn and not seen.

  2. Vix

    In the words of the great Keith Richards, If it’s worth doing then it’s worth overdoing. Don’t cover up just yet, the weather looks quite promising. x

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