New Shopping Habit Update

I mentioned in an earlier post, making a conscious effort to change my bad shopping habit of buying what I liked prior to starting a Closet Audit in 2010. I mean, what I liked willy nilly 🙂 At the start of this year, I made a Shopping list of items that were needed to fill a tiny gap or replace an existing piece or were basics. The list was shorter than I thought:

  1. slouchy tees (neutral colours of black, navy, grey, white)
  2. lighter Spring/Summer trousers (in both material and colour) also useful for balmy Autumn
  3. light colour leather slippers or ankle boots (both filling a gap and replacements)
  4. ‘A’ line light colour skirt
  5. light colour low heel sandals (preferably closed toe)
  6. silk shirts – on their own or layered under jumpers/sweaters
  7. leather skirt (a very long serving item on the list!) – love skirts and the leather would add an extra dimension to my outfits
  8. black leather gloves – replacements
  9. black riding boots – the right shape for my chunky legs has remained elusive
  10. slouchy cotton jumpers – I’ve had to slowly replace all my wool jumpers due to allergies

It developed over the weeks and months from January as I got better acquainted with my current wardrobe and discovered pieces that needed replacing and new items to update or compliment what I already have such as a leather skirt as well as basics such as slouchy tees. So, rather then being passively bombarded with emails and tempted by sales signs in stores, I started in my closet before looking out for everything needed. This has really, really helped me stay focused…perhaps for the first time in my shopping life! I know I’m on the right track for me personally because other things in my closet that didn’t get used so much or were too good to bin suddenly became relevant (eg white shirt).

358060_fr_xlThis is the leather skirt I got – navy, a little flared and longer on me of course.

I’m sorely tempted with some beautiful new coats and jackets for this season but so far  resisted. But there’s a fur gilet I’m dying for….not sure how long I can hold out! I found out last year that there were many times a sleeveless fur jacket would have sufficed to keep me warm and varied my outfits a bit. I’ve never had one before, then missed the boat and here we are in another Autumn.

387042_bk_xl 387042_fr_xl 387042_in_xlTHE gilet.

Back to the list, the only things left to find are the black leather gloves.

364780_in_xlAnd these? Pull on suede boots – swoon! I’m facing up to a secret desire for over the knee boots. It’s a desire most likely to remain unfulfilled since normal over the knee boots for normal sized folk come up mid thigh on me – or rather should come up that far since my legs are so short but they stop in a wrinkled mass at my knees – sorry to give you that mental picture! I need them to be proper knee high so they go over my knees.

F02And This. Coat. Must. Have!

As I was saying about being sorely tempted by this season’s coats…..I have been wanting a 60’s mohair coat for years but never found one in my size. This one is by Jaeger for now and it only comes in pink – I know, I know, pink is everywhere and for that very reason I thought to forget the coat but I can’t. We’ll see how the thing fits etc… 🙂

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “New Shopping Habit Update

  1. Iva

    I envy you nobly for the discipline. My shopping habits bounce constantly from indifference to “I want it all and I want it now” 🙂

  2. Jill

    It has been a struggle to keep up with my self-imposed Shopping Ban let me tell you, I think I have fallen off the wagon several times this summer. Will try to do better for fall! I think you should get a leather skirt, I can absolutely see you in one, and I vote that you get the fur gilet. Do you have a picture you can share with us? I think you should get one or the other of those items and make that your fall purchase. Let us know if you do! XO, Jill

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I think you’ve done very well Jill! It’s a huge struggle for me but gets easier with time and the more I know what I have, what really works and finding my own style. I already bought the leather skirt and look forward to wearing it!

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