ZEBRATo coincide with the wonderful ‘How I wear My…’ series hosted by Jill of Everything Just So and Adrienne of A Rich Life (on a Budget), here’s my zebra like silk shirt by Gerard Darel. Thank you for hosting ladies! The original post is here. It may surprise you that I have quite a thing for animal print 🙂

Welcome to my Zoo!summerdress2wayscMore zebra bluesequin2 Love these low sling backs!wintersnake2Python

DOUBLESNAKEDouble snake!

navystripespythonPython kitten heels

chambrayleopard2 Leopardkelly2Very comfy wedge heels leopardcc This dress by Gerard Darel fits so well I plan to wear it more often and casually.

The next HIWM will be ‘Jeans’ – oh goodness, another favourite! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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