Baggy Pants and Tan Slippers

ZARAHMLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I’m wearing one of my favourite stripey jumpers, this one is from Zara Boys – can you see the red elbow patch? I should have taken them off (and put them on my Boy’s trouser knees) but they really don’t bother me 🙂 Oh dear, wearing kid’s clothes top and bottom! ZARHM You know the story about me and boyfriend jeans here, here, here, here, here and here, so, not content with the Gap 1969 range, I got these from H&M Girls well before the Summer. They have exactly the right amount of bagginess AND fading I was looking for at very little cost compared to some of the designer boyfriend jeans out there. These are held up by a skinny belt that came with some Zara linen trousers. I would have preferred to roll up the legs a bit more but it would have been too thick. ZARHMCLOSEOn my shopping list for an age were tan shoes and as I’m finding the slipper style – slightly different to the loafer shape – super comfortable and – by chance – are current, these by Cobra Society are simply perfect. Again by chance they match my Chamonix Kelly that got an outing – I love her so much! She’s a size 32cm but on me looks bigger, more like the 35cm size on taller women. My scarf is vintage Hermès.

Thanks for looking!


14 thoughts on “Baggy Pants and Tan Slippers

  1. Sue

    I tried on the girls H&M jeans but they looked a lot tighter on me than they do you and they were in the biggest size they had. I love buying from the kiddies section. And the mens. And just from anywhere in general. I’m not picky.

  2. silkpathdiary Post author

    These are the 14 yrs and called ‘Loose’ if I remember rightly so bigger than the usual, normal girls’ jeans. Honestly, my best buys have been from the kids’ and men’s in terms of high quality for very little cost. Now I’m having to give some of my jumpers and skinny jeans to my Tween – you know just keeping it all in the family 🙂

  3. silky1way

    Looking ver good, girl….casual and polished in once! Unfortunately I can’t purchade anything in kids section’s. ..lucky you but I did something similar I went in armu shop and left with parka, pants and a beautiful hat. It was so worth it to try something else.

  4. Jan Graham-McMillen

    What is the world coming to … stylin’ Mums wearing boys’ wear, top and bottom? Hell, Yeah! Learning every minute. You look so cute … little slippers are, indeed, perfect. Great bag, of course, and so ladylike with your classic scarf. Lady-Laddy-Like!
    Thanks also, for the boyfriend links … this is a particular project for me right now. You rock everything you put together.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Jan! Before this time last year, I didn’t even own any bf jeans so those and the slippers have been key additions to my closet that’s made such a difference to being closer to achieving my goal of finding an easy style and maximise more of everything. Laddy-Lady – I lIke that lol!

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