Kelly: Change of Season

A now typical run around outfit of bf jeans, jumper, scarf, slippers and Kelly.

HSEASONMy beloved chocolate brown box Kelly 32cm Retourne. Imagine if bags could talk, what tales would mine have to tell? She’s 45 years old and was in great condition when I found her. However, as she was only my second Hermès bag back when I first started my *ahem* H journey, I simply didn’t know to begin conditioning her straight away. I was horrified when she began to show signs of her age and set about giving a first ‘home spa’. The last spa – including waterproofing – was just before the Summer and it’s well worth the time and effort. The next spa round will be early next year.

HSEASON2I hadn’t discovered the joys of bf jeans nor slippers when I first got the Kelly and they’re my most frequent pairings now. It’s part of my ongoing journey to a better closet.2K Currently using the chocolate Kelly at home and one for my next travel soon 🙂  You can see how crazy I am about the Kelly below. From left to right back row: Navy box sellier 32cm, Natural Chamonix sellier 32cm, Chocolate Box retourne 32cm, Black box retourne 28cm, Bleu de Prusse swift retourne 28cm. Not pictured is my Black box Kelly Sport here.5KThe Kelly family is ready for the season!kelly2 Thanks for reading!



17 thoughts on “Kelly: Change of Season

  1. happyface313

    Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful H – family 🙂 Some beautiful bags you have there. What are the Twillys named that you tied around the handles? Do you have picture of them “before”?
    Have a very HAPPY day 🙂

  2. cvw1004

    Love your blog, would be interested in what you use and how you spa your bags. Do you use the same products regardless of leather? My H journey started with scarves then I digressed!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and compliment! I have posted about the spa process and products. Basically I follow docride’s method from The Purse Forum. Different leathers need different products and methods but since my bags are mostly box leather, it’s a singular process for me using Blackrock and Obernauf products, I would not recommend anything else.

  3. ladysarahinlondon

    You certainly do like Kellys don’t you! Impressive selection. I was wondering, when you had time if you could post a photo holding a 32 sellier compared to your 28 sellier. I would love to see them side by side if that doesn’t sound too insane…

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you Dear Lady Sarah! Yes, I do still have all of these ones … and since then added the RH box 32, the 28 Brique as you mentioned and a 28 natural Porc, all sellier. I tend to use the 32s more in Winter since the extra layering of coats help balance out the larger size on me.

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