Packing for Cold to Hot, Back to Cold

I need to pack for a few days away of hot weather which is highly unusual for me. Normally I avoid any kind of travel during the cold months especially if it involves going from cold to hot and back again simply because I’ve always been a chronic overpacker extraordinaire. Oh well, I’m going to just make the most and best of it! Since it’s not all leisure, I do have a tiny constraint on the style content of my suitcase. Seasoned travelers will certainly fly with only carry on but I’ll never reach such heights of packing precision 🙂 Here’s my on board bag.

ROSEAUI made a first list based on what I know works for me plus trying to add some new elements where possible. The list changed twice and I tweaked it a dozen more times before I was ready to check if things actually worked by trying everything on complete with accessories. Of course I aim to pack the minimum with pieces that are both easy to pack and easy to wear but also that I feel excited about. Here’s the thing, whenever I have the (rare) opportunity to travel, I like to dress like a perpetual lunch date so it feels special. I suppose I still have a very romatic view of travel, which is a luxury in itself afterall.

TRAVELBAGSI keep my jewellery in the H pouch with me, plus notebook and Kelly 28cm. I’ve travelled before with her and she’s been perfectly wonderful for everything I needed to do. My actual travel outfit was the hardest to choose because my worst case scenario is for it to be cold when I leave which means wearing enough then peeling off at my destination. Or even if it should be *mild* on departure day but on my return, it turns bitterly cold…..

PACKTop rows: wash bag, travel size tubes of shampoo, shower gel etc., make up bag, vintage evening bag // Mid rows: silk teddy and camisole plus undies, Max Studio geo print jersey dress, Oasis cotton lace dress, white skirt, Cacharel red silk paisley print skirt, Sunseekers black swimsuit, tropical print swimsuit, Burberry white shirt, Gap grey and H&M white tees // Bottom row: Warehouse stripe jersey dress, stripe jersey short nightie, Cath Kidston face cloth (yes, it has ducks on it!), Sam Edelman metallic/snake print gladiator sandals, Marni sandals.

Not shown, Monsoon flip flops and a navy silk shirt that I forgot to add. The Warehouse dress will be a cover up for the pool. When I went to London recently I forgot to bring something to wear to get to the pool, it involved walking down a long corridor and a lift ride to the basement where the pool and gym were located so I wore the stripe nightie that was spare – no one noticed or they were too polite to say anything. This time, I need 10 outfits, 2 of those will be travel so 8 at my destination and there are 2 dresses and 2 skirts so worn twice each makes 8 outifts. But I like to give myself a bit of leeway and throw in one or 2 other items as alternatives. I’ll take some washing powder but don’t plan on using it unless there’s an emergency. I’ll only be staying a few days and didn’t want to spend any of it washing clothes 😉 I think I’ll throw in my white palazzo pants and another top. Will post if I can when I get there.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Packing for Cold to Hot, Back to Cold

  1. happyface313

    I hate packing – and so I am now keeping lists. But even with the lists…I just don’t like it.
    But your selection is great Love your bags!
    What is the name of the color of your Kelly? how old is it?
    Happy packing and enjoy your trip 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      It’s not my favourtie thing either but like driving, you get better with practice and experience 🙂
      Thank you so much – glad you like my Kelly! She’s Bleu de Prusse in Swift from 2010. This colour is one of those that can look very different in different leathers. It’s amazing how versatile the colour is.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Does it? I think it’s due to the swift leather which takes up colour so well and makes some irridescent almost. I’ve seen other leathers in this colour but don’t like them as much.

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