Inspiration: Clutch, Tailoring, Softness and Lace

I’m back! It was a great trip with an unusual adventure I wasn’t expecting at all but more about that soon 🙂 While I get back on schedule and routine, here are some looks I’m loving right now and for the coming months.

11213CostumeN8852Web1 I’ve never thought a clutch bag would suit me but these ladies look fantastic with theirs!91813phone8729web1 92313atDG2119web 92313atmarni0172web 0a77b3322b7911e389a722000a9e28d6_8Tailoring always inspires me and sometimes even the simplest of things such as a tee can be stunning with a touch of it. I love how there are no shoulder seams on this leather tee.10213atMiuMiu8818webMannish except for the lovely shoes and bag. 92213atcavalli9595webTailoring doesn’t have to be hard and manly… 92313afternoon2511web A perfect classic balance.92313afternoon2512webIt can be textures…. 92313atmarni1487web And include girly lace and colours….100113atChanel6525webOne ultra chic way with black… 92913atKenzo4786web Simple!92713atIsMarant4100webLoving this combination – pale denim and gold shoes! 92613atCarven3698webAdore the shape of the coat – looks simple but the cut is anything but I’m told. 100113atChanel6928webGiovanna looking like she stepped off a 50’s Dior ad and yet she makes it current.10213atLV7894webFrancesca looks just wonderful here – I’d love to wear her whole outfit now.91413Camel6715erb1At the airport I kept noticing the men/women who were wearing beige jumpers or cardigans. It looked so chic! And I love it with white pants here – oh, the pants! 91413MenPants6735webI adore this look head to toe! It has everything I just love now and for the last few months right down to the red nails… 92013red9272web-600x400How to wear a shirt dress and make it sexier than anything! I saw the most beautiful shirt dress on a mother and daughter away. The most. 92013reddress8912webPretty pink and hard black. 92313afternoon23532webBeige softness with dark denim toughness? 92513walk1921webAn unusual colour combination and fluidity. 93013atstella5828web The bomber jacket is something that’s more and more on my mind recently.100113atValentino7545web Another outfit I’d wear now. Genius how the primness of her jumper and collar only emphasizes the glorious colume, colour and ‘ethnic’ look of her shirt and echoes her tri-colour bag.100113atValentino7570webEr pink and black again. jessica_hartI am so inspired by these beauitful dresses and how the ladies wear them.meredith-melling I love pleats.91213dress9692web-600x450And lace. Always.

Thanks for reading!

Photos via The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, Vanessa Jackman


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Clutch, Tailoring, Softness and Lace

  1. Vix

    Love the checked coat and the West African waxed cotton skirts. I’e inherited a couple of clutch bags but find them wildly impractical for my lifestyle – no room for a brolly or a bottle of wine! x

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Welcome home! Glad you’re back safely and with coming news … always fun.
    These women, gorgeous though they are, seem like another species. It’s never advisable to compare oneself, but I feel like a hobbit next to these glamazons. I’m even proportioned so differently. Still, I get inspired as well … there are some lovely clothes here. I see your taste in evidence! Elegant you … always.

  3. Jean at Dross into Gold

    I saw a skirt in Goodwill today that I should have gotten!! It resembled the gorgeous African print skirt you show above. It was tiny, but I could’ve repurposed the fabric for something…!!! Oh well. I love the choices you show here, with different elements to absorb and integrate. This is why I love fashion!!

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