Travel: First Day

TRAVEL2 I am so not used to budget airlines but this year had a crash course in extreme (for me 🙂 ) edited packing for one check in and one on board bag. My Kelly bag was inside the tote as my on board.K28MARRSome objects are naturally photogenic 🙂 TRAVELSome are not! BLACKLACE2I just had time to unpack, shower and change into this cotton black lace dress by Oasis. It’s another *bay score of a brilliant High Street dress. For a while I was obssessed with a lace dress by Isabel Marant before I realised I had this in my wardrobe all along. It’s cotton, it’s machine washable and it’s the perfect fit.BLACKLACE3Heading out to a casual buffet dinner. I wanted to bring the gold sequin bag but it was much too heavy. It was the right choice, thank goodness! Event appropriate and comfortable.4SEAS.A beautiful part of the hotel’s foyer. There were fresh roses everywhere! 4SEAS2I have a special fondness for Middle Eastern lanterns. These are North African, Morrocan to be exact. 4SEAS3Love the ornamentation even though I doubt if they’re original.

AVIARYAll the little birds in this aviary were asleep at the very top under the pink cover.

BANANASIt’s a very temperate climate. Banana trees abound which rather confused my senses because I associate them with the tropical Far East.SEATING The lovely seating area. There was a notable and welcome absence of flies and mosquitoes.BUFFETThe buffet treat. DESSERTThe heaving dessert table. They were very tiny, not so sinful….unless you have a baker’s dozen 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Travel: First Day

  1. happyface313

    Where on earth are you? Did I miss anything?
    You make me smile 😀 I love the way you pack and schlepp the things with you… could be me, hahaha!
    Have fun and enjoy your trip!! 🙂

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