Travel: Brunch and Market

OLIVESOlives! They grow here in abundance much to my surprise.REDBLUE3Brunch ready! Everything old and trusted: Burberry white cotton shirt, vintage Cacharel silk paisley print skirt, Sam Edelman snake print and metallic flats. Because I have such wide feet, thong sandals do not work but these are the closest I can get. REDBLUE2I’m falling in love more and more with my one and only white cotton shirt! And of course my Kelly 28cm 🙂 I went for a walk in the garden for the first time and found it to be very peaceful, lush and so pleasant. Whenever there’s a breakfast buffet I make it my business to try as many things as I can and so that’s why it always ends up being brunch. Normally I’m pretty conservative but this is the one time I throw caution – mostly – to the wind and sample what there is on offer, afterall, the only things I’ve ever regretted in my life so far, are the things I didn’t do.

FOUNTAINAn outdoor swimming pool….all to myself practically. The water was cold but I’m used to it. Other folks only dipped their toes in, shivered and threw themselves back on their sun loungers.POOLIt was lovely but quite unsafe with no lifeguard around or lifebuoy ring or anything else remotely connected to any safety considerations. However, my adventure to come beat all that hands down!OLIVE The garden was full of olive trees laden with fruit – some had already turned black. I’d never seen olive trees before and almost missed them except for the copious amount of fruit.OLIVEBRANCHIt definitely was not a barren desert place. GARDEN2 small brown birds regularly flew in and out of the breakfast hall eating the crumbs. ROSETAPInside the hotel itself there was pattern and colour everywhere. I just loved this little feature above and the fattest cushions I ever saw! CUSHIONSBLUEBW2We went off on a tour bus for shopping and strolling round an open air market so I had to wear trousers due to the mosquitoes that always, always bite me. BLUEBWSam Edelman’s patent pointy sling backs were perfect. They have a tiny little wedge heel that makes them super comfortable. Actually there were tons of people so I had to put my Kelly into the Envirosax I always carry with me to avoid any mishaps.

LAMAMOUNIA CARRIAGEI always feel sorry for the horses – there were mules too on the work carts. DOORWAYI love the architecture.

ENTRANCECrumbling but still impressive. MARKET I love doors and doorways, the older the better.DOOR

doorway2Touriste, moi? Whatever gave me away?

And so we entered Aladdin’s cave. ALADDINThe place was stuffed with ornate items of every kind. GLASSESThe region is famous for coloured glass like this. And rugs and kilim rugs – did I mention them yet, this place had over 7,000 pieces! None of them the same. ORNATE ORNATE2 This chess was carved in separate sections and put together at the end. It’s camel bone.

LOOMA loom, not sure if this is how the famous kilims are made.

SPICESA little spice stall. A lot of the spices were in their natural state and you had to request a piece or an amount to be ground up. They looked so pretty like this.

MARKET2By the time we left the market after dark, it was heaving with people. They were shopping, haggling, drinking tea, eating – waiters shove their menus in your face as you pass. There was music and dancing. Oh I wish I dared to take some pictures because there were some veiled ‘women’ dancers who looked awfully flat chested. I mean they were tall and slim to the point of being wiry whereas the rest of the local women hurrying about with toddlers tied to their backs doing their shopping, were short and round. Hmmmm! There were also snake charmers and live monkeys. The music was quite hypnotic in fact and I realised that this must have been the life centre of the city way back when. It’s easy to forget in our time of technology that this is where everybody went for everything.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Travel: Brunch and Market

  1. mystyle

    Hi my dear! Your stunning pictures remind me of when I visited Morocco, it’s such a wonderful and mystic place and the souks and medinas are never ending of beautiful arts, crafts, spices and foods, I would so love to go back! it sounds like your having a fabulous time! xxx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Medina! That’s the word I was trying to remember! It was great and I completely see why there were so many visitors from all over. wish I had more time to explore the arts/crafts/foods. xxx

  2. Vix

    We stayed in Tangier in 1992 and took the Marrakech Express overnight. I shared the compartment with Jon, a couple of goths and two farmers with a bag of live chickens. I was so excited I sung “Marrakech Express” for almost 12 hours non-stop. xxx

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