Travel: Basics, Pinks and Scale


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday sharing a post on my recent travels. Previous posts Travel: Brunch and Market, Travel: First Day

When I first started buying Kelly bags, wearing them casually was not my first aim. Happily, since then my life has become increasingly casual with ever decreasing formal opportunities. It was so hard to find my new sartorial casual ‘milieu’! And it’s only been this year that finally, I feel like I’m there and my beloved Kelly’s are very much part of it. TSKIRT7 The 28cm is perfect for me and wonderfully versatile. Please note, I’m really short (5′ with the heels 😉 ) I wore a navy tee/skirt combination in the Summer holiday here.TSKIRT5Even last year I would never have guessed, a humble, simple viscose tee from Gap would give me so much joy and help improve my woeful packing skills 🙂 Or that low heels would be ‘in’ and therefore available in abundance even in my size. DININGHALLOr that I’d end up travelling to another continent – Africa – for the first time. This is only a quarter of the space of this huge dining area. There’s another half the other side of the pillars but everyone gravitates to the garden/pool side which is on the right of the photo. I love the curtains – they were gold mesh!TEA The most glamorous ‘Tea Lady’ I’ll ever see! She poured the Moroccan tea every morning alternating with a colleague.TEA2Such beautiful silverware. T3 Tea chests I assume.

SILVERWARETeapot. It doesn’t hold a lot and after pouring no more than 3-4 glasses, she has to run off to refill.

T4I never saw what was in here.TSKIRTTOTE2I changed to have a swim and generally lounge around outside. TSKIRTTOTEWore my Méchanique du Temps Hermès scarf to brighten up my basics. I was really pleased to find this mix of vibrant pinks in a fairly graphic design. At first I thought it might be too bright for me but you know what, when I start to think something is ‘too…’, I know it’s usually going to be okay, I’ve reached that point in my life now 😉TMECHDUTEMP2 Please excuse the frizzy pool hair!LIFTThe roof of the lift. TMECHDUTEMP We meant to try out a new eatery outside of the hotel but failed to find anything. I totally forgot to consider the mosquitoes when I was packing. There weren’t as many like in other places I’ve been to but one is enough – they search me out. And so I ended up wearing these trousers again.BIGDOORReturned to the hotel but didn’t bother to change back into the skirt. How on earth can they reach the bolt way up there? If I’d remembered about the mosquitoes I would have packed a pair of linen trousers as I originally thought to do.WATER2 A water feature.WATERWe ate at the bar since the other restaurants were serving a buffet dinner reserved for coach loads of tour people that evening. DRINKSI think my ombre ‘Casablanca’ mocktail was far more enticing than a boring old beer 🙂 I gobbled up all the nuts and olives too.

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13 thoughts on “Travel: Basics, Pinks and Scale

  1. plutrell

    I am glad you decided to carry the bag…even for casual…it should not be in a closet! Thanks for the tour…enjoyed the post!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to use my things as much as possible, which means everything from my ‘best’ tea set to my bags.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment! I have always loved colour but it’s taken a long time to actually express it how I wanted to. Making up for lost time now!

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