Autumn Khaki, Grey and Blues

AUTUMNJEANS2An interlude from my travel posts, to show variations of what I’ve been wearing currently. This H&M man’s khaki cotton parka has been incredibly useful, also here,and here. It feels great to wear – I love it! It has a trillion pockets which a woman’s version would rarely match, so it’s what I grab for the school runs and dashing  around town.AUTUMNJEANSLayered underneath is a Gap man’s grey cotton jumper from the Summer Sale (also a dark grey and navy versions). I’ve had to replace all my wool jumpers and the cotton ones like these are so very soft and slouchy enough on my frame. The M&S jeans are straight leg and fading nicely but I don’t feel the need to distress them.AUTUMNJEANS3The scarf was from Gap kids about 3 winters ago in their final sale in store. I adore the colours and even though it has holes in it already, I still wear it 🙂 My ankle boots are vintage Bally and was the start of my obssession with a mannish slant to my outfits.

BLUEAUTUMNHere with a blue J Crew pea coat and Gap skinnies, same accessories. I love and wore this pea coat so much since I got it last year, the button fell off. This is pretty much the perfect length and I wanted a black one eversince but it’s been impossible to find. I don’t often wear skinnies for the simple reason my weight flunctuates annoyingly and I simply cannot get them on when the mood for skinnies strikes! Well, as I vowed during the Summer holidays, I joined my local swimming pool or baths as the beautiful Vix refers to them. The jeans are only 2 years old and I know they weren’t as tight then! I really don’t do tight clothes as you may have noticed 🙂

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Autumn Khaki, Grey and Blues

  1. Sue

    I have to say the skinnies really suit you actually and look good. You should go with them more often – easy to say and hard to do – I am just the same. I do like the comfort of my looser jeans. Love the peacoat and it’s always the way isn’t it? You know what you want but can you get it??

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sue! Well let’s see how the swimming goes, if it works, then I can wear skinnies at will, any day of the week 🙂 I just like variations in my outfits but my bf jeans are in quick rotation during this wet weather we’re having which I don’t mind as I know next phase will be the woolly trousers and tights/skirts/dress mode.

  2. Vix

    I like skinny jeans but find them impossible to put on after swimming as the chlorine makes me skin horribly clammy! I like you in more fitted clothes, shows off your sexy shape! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Vix! Lol, this year I’m going to try keeping to fitted silhouette more hence the swimming. I wear my loose jeans to go normally but not sure how I’m going to manage when the weather gets colder. xx

  3. jangrahammcmillen

    You show here, by looking so fabulously petite and every inch a girl, why I love this very menswear-y time of year! Your instincts result in an enviable effortlessness, and polished at the same time. You are one of my role models for petite proportion theory! I don’t always manage it myself, but you just wrote the book.
    Can you tell I love these looks …?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Aw Jan, thanks so much for your support – you’re too kind! I’m still learning and being inspired by others like you. You already have your own fabulous style and look! But I’ve been meaning to delete the Petite page of my blog for months now because I really don’t think it applies anymore or rather I don’t feel defined by the petite label anymore. None of the clothes I buy are from a petite range and finding a personal style suited to your life is the bottom line for me.

  4. Fm

    I think you do yourself a disservice by dressing in too much volume. The clothes are wearing you rather than you wearing the clothes and they overwhelm your petite and pretty frame. You don’t need to be in tight clothing, just things that skim rather than bunch up.
    (please stop referring to your bags as “she”, it’s weird and probably hurts your blog readership).
    You are welcome to delete my comment, just thought I’d chime in with a suggestion. 🙂
    Meant in good spirit.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for your comments! I welcome them all! Your thoughts raise a couple of interesting points for me. Fact is, I’m not really petite because I have broad shoulders and torso therefore all my loose outerwear such as parkas and raincoats will automatically appear more voluminous especially since I am so short already. For decades I avoided casual outerwear for this very reason. As you can see all I have on is a jumper underneath and my parka isn’t even lined, so I never wear more than 3 layers even on the coldest days otherwise I look too bulky. Oh don’t get me started on padded jackets/coats – love their warmth but I have to draw a line with them. And I’m okay with how I feel and look in my parka.

      It’s a question of perception, self perception and aesthetics. I always used to try to follow all the rules of what and how to wear for ‘petite’ build women but in the last year or so I realised I don’t really want to follow ‘rules’ much (I’ve posted a few times about this and fashion trends with age). As I replied to Jan above it’s occured to me to delete that very old page Petite Closet Essentials simply because it’s become redundant to me. It’s a left over from the very start of my journey to find a different way of dressing to better suit my life now, after spending many baby/toddler years in a fashion wilderness. I call it my Closet Audit which I’ve posted about over the last 2+ years. In this process I learnt that it’s much less about the exterior perception but how the clothes make me feel. If it feels great, that’s more than good enough for me!

      I agree with you, I love clothes that flatter by skimming my shape and I have rarely ever worn tight clothes. That’s what I meant, my skinnies originally skimmed and did not feel tight as they do now, that’s why I’m going swimming regularly 🙂 I do mostly wear tailored pants and fitted skirts/dresses – often in jersey for the stretch/comfort factor and finding my casual and sometimes less fitted outfits is a fairly recent discovery and a constant source of joy (eg. posted about boyfriend jeans and utility jackets/parkas) because it works really well for me and my life.

      I am very fond indeed of my bags! For nearly 30 years, I’ve collected them from charity shops as a student to a few brands in the last several years which was a long time dream come true (yep, posted about that too 🙂 ) It’s the only vice I’ll admit to! I’ve invested a lot of time learning about different leathers and how to care for my bags (posted!) in order that they retain their good looks/function and hopefully last long enough to pass on to my daughters – who knows maybe even on to their daughters…So perhaps at the risk of remaining weird, they will continue to be referred to as ‘she’ I hope you’ll be able to overlook that….maybe? 🙂
      Chime away!

  5. Jean at Dross into Gold

    I’m so glad I stopped by! I love your casual looks, put together with style, I think you look amazing in both style jeans. My weight fluctuates a lot too, so I TOTALLY understood you when you made your comment about skinnies. I think we are our most beautiful when we’re comfortable in whatever look we’ve chosen for the day. Sometimes I know I make choices I regret, but so what? At least I tried and hopefully I’m not boring. 🙂 You are gorgeous. XXOO

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I do not know how I’ve missed your blog all this time. I really hope exercise will help me maintain a more steady weight and yes, I agree, comfort has become all important to me in the last few years though I still hesitate to go down the lounge wear/yoga pants route 🙂 I try to keep an open mind. for example, I never to used to think bf jeans would ever work for me but they’re a lifesaver! I wear them most days as I’m usually busy with my kids and if I need to smarten up a bit, it’s easy by just changing an accessory or 2. Thanks for the compliments!


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