Travel: Excursion

TEETRSThe day started safely enough with a hearty brunch since we booked a tour to visit a Berber village in the valley outside the city. This was the quickest tour, the others involved 5+ hours of driving in the desert or the Atlas mountains. LIFTTEETRS ROAD1We were in a small transit van of a bus, 2 other couples and an elderly French gentleman. ROAD2The roads were mostly like this to start with.ROAD4ONROAD orchidsDuring an obligatory stop at a souvenir shop, these stunning flowers hung down low enough for me to take a photo.

ONROAD2The scene from the roof terrace of the souvenir shop.

ROAD3At a roundabout. ROAD2You can see we’re higher up and climbing… ONROAD3ROAD6 ROAD7I did not take any of my bags except for the Envirosax for bottled water.ONROAD4I was in love with the landscape. The red colour is the colour of all the buildings in the city and the pavements and the walls! ONROAD5 ONROAD6 ONROAD7 A colourfull villa.ONROAD8 ONROAD9It felt familiar and looked European for some reason. ONROAD3ROAD8ROAD9ONROAD10ONROAD11I think you can see just how high up we were here.HERBSuddenly we reach a herb centre where they grow 1000’s of different herbs and other plants for medicinal purposes. ARGANA lady grinds the Argan nut into oil the traditional way. I never heard about this oil until about a week before I left.ROSE Among the herbs, they also grew roses.ROAD10 The sky cleared beautifully by midday.MILLWe reached the Berber village which was a small dwelling place in the middle of nowhere. This is their communal mill for grinding grains. BERBERA shelf of ‘bests’. BERBER2BERBERBEDROOMA bedroom. BERBERLOUNGEAnd lounge.

We then headed off to have lunch and see a waterfall…….and have an adventure!

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Travel: Excursion

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Vix! I wish I had better photos of the interiors but yes, it’s a real home to some families and was simple but rich in pattern and texture and cosiness. xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! Had to wear the black pants again..hadn’t planned on going on such a tour as our time was so short and certainly did not plan on what we had to do next!

  1. Style At Every Age

    I just saw your comment on another blog so stopped by and see you are still blogging! I don’t know why you are always disappearing from my reading list, it must be a blogger v wordpress thing but so annoying! x

  2. silky1way

    Fantastic trip. It remainds me mine trip to Morroco few years ago, the food was just delicious all the time, the hot fresh mint tea… How do you manage to do hiking in ballet flats? I would be dead after 1 day…

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m addicted to the mint tea – although it can be a bit too sweet. These are the only ballet flats I wear if away from home. They are in fact from Clarks Girls (I have size 35 EU feet), the leather is supersoft and the top edge is elasticated with the sole being flexible so all in all an extremely comfortable pair of flats. They are almost 3 years old but look pretty new still even though I’ve worn them a lot. If I had a pair of Converse or plain canvas flats at the time, I would have worn those. I don’t consider wearing open sandals on excursions like these.


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