The ‘B’ Word

Nah, not quite as naughty as you think but then maybe it is! Let’s back up a little here and give full disclosure, here is my post (almost exactly 18 months to the day last year) about a certain bag beginning with the letter ‘B’.

b30 Yep, it’s a Birkin.b302Yikes, photobombed by the Boy!

b304Here are the specs if you’re interested: 30cm, gold hardware, 1996 Chamonix leather (I believe). The reseller had completely misdescribed the leather and I took ages trying to work out what it could be before taking the plunge. There are lots of signs of wear but truly for a 17 year old bag in such a light colour, she’s held up really well! So what made me change my mind? Well there’s a precedent for my volte face concerning the humble parka. Simply that all this year I reached out more for my larger bags, specifically my Longchamp shopper/tote, after mostly using small to medium size bags. Of course I didn’t have to get a Birkin but the opportunity was there and I just took it (only after much research in the course of learning about H bags over the last few years). It’s in one of my most favourite leathers Chamonix (I have 2 other bags in this leather here and here) which is a duller version of Box, is super light and unlike Vache Naturel, the colour will not deepen in the same way over time. And the contrast white stitching always gets me!

My Longchamp tote is a very warm tan colour and I personally prefer a lighter shade like the natural Chamonix. I always said if I ever did get one, it would be the 30cm size which I personally find the most appealing, if not the dinky 25cm. Moreover, I now know that even a 35cm would be ok for me in a darkish colour but I wouldn’t want black, maybe navy or chocolate…It’s an evolution in life as my needs change with time and function. Equally, I wasn’t looking for a perfect show piece – this is how I’d wear and use her, with jeans, jumper, slippers and kids! Well, I can enjoy her only for a little while because she’s due at Hermès’ spa treatment until next year.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The ‘B’ Word

  1. seton

    Congrats on your B! The 30 is the perfect size for your frame. I’ll be curious what Spa says since I have a feeling that your B is actually Vache Naturel tho.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment! I did think of VN but she’s so light and the leather is velvety. I have a VN Dalvy which I’m able to compare with.

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