Grey and Rouge H

GREYROUGEHI wear a lot of greys and knew to add brights to liven it up but rich colours also work for me like this Hermès Drag bag in their signature Rouge H colour. It was a very casual weekend cooking a full Sunday roast for lunch for the family and such a beautiful day I took her out for the first time. GREYROUGEH2I didn’t think I’d get to wear this short sleeve Chambray shirt until next Spring but that’s how good the weather was! I’ve been looking for more short sleeve shirts like this for ages but hadn’t been able to find any until this one came along. It’s comfortable, a good fit and will be really useful with a lot of my other clothes. GREYROUGEHcloseI haven’t finished treating this bag but couldn’t resist bringing her out with my grey outfit. The Birkin, designed in the 80’s was based on this model. Mine is from 1964 and in amazing condition. I’ll post more when I’ve finished the conditioning process.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Grey and Rouge H

  1. AestheticAlterations (@AestheticAlt)

    So perfect, dear! That little Rouge H Drag glows from all your care, and it pairs lusciously with grey. This is an ensemble I could live in, it’s so simple, chic, and effortless.

    I haven’t yet had a chance to tell you—so I’ll do it now. Congrats on the beautiful chamonix Birkin. It’s one of the perfect ones, and it fits you so well. xo

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much dear AA! It means a lot to me because I credit AA round 1 for helping to shape and focus my Hermes ‘aesthetic’ and you continue to do so now, no less 🙂

  2. happyface313

    The outfit is casual, yet classic and with the extraordinary Hermès bag you are wearing with it – perfect.
    What do you mean by you are working on the bag? It’s beautiful despite its age.
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I have been conditioning the bag with cream and intend to make the leather weatherproof – necessary in our European climate, no? 🙂 It’s quite an old bag so I’ve had to apply the cream very gradually over a longer period of time than with newer leathers. I LOVE how you worked on your vintage croco bags!

      1. happyface313

        Thank you 🙂
        I understand what you mean with gradually working on the leather. Can’t wait to see an introduction of your beautiful red bag 🙂
        Have a HAPPY week 🙂

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