Inspiration: Casual and Formal

streetstyle10239-webI love the styling of this look, the proportion and everything. article-0-190B098B00000578-386_634x1264Just had to include this photo of newly wed Zoe. LOVE how her hsuband is carrying her Chanel bag – I mean isn’t it so wonderful!? EceSukanOBCasual sports top with formal skirt, vinatge dolly bag and heels – all work surprisingly well. streetstyle10232-webAnother unique and inspired styling. I adore coats and vintage coats even more though I’m not sure if this is actually vintage, no matter. Image2Ways to wear jean hems and cuffs. Image1A little graphic mix goes a long way. hermes-kelly-vintage-rolex-styleAnd of course we come to the Kelly. So beautiful and stylish whatever the look.Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-06 um 11.53.42Ditto!article-0-1862C37100000578-9_634x852 Credit should be given where it’s due, Catherine looks radiant and glamorous and comfortable.article-0-18628B4300000578-451_634x911The dress is perfect for her. article-0-1907373D00000578-625_306x508 And this is something that stunned me with its stark clean lines, elegant volume and clever pleating at the hips.article-0-1907373400000578-333_634x943Thanks for reading!


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