Travel: Last Day

WHITESAILOR4White. Flares. Is there any doubt that I love the 70’s? I always take a pair of white pants if I’m somewhere that guarantees warmth also here. They’re by M&S from about 6 years ago – when the place still sold decent womenswear. I didn’t take the white Prada wedges this time due to limited luggage space. Anyway I really loved wearing it with a Theory navy silk shirt for the first time. whitesailorpaintsThey have to be as long as possible to offset how short my legs are and the hem just about clears the floor in my low Marni heels. OLIVESWe took a walk around the grounds of the hotel. DATESThe grounds were lovely and such a joy to behold in itself. FRUITI’m not sure if these are oranges or what? POOLSIDE2 Plenty of olive trees by the pool.POOLSIDE This was my favourite spot.FLOWERSA close up of the pale blue flowers.POSTSWIMAprès swim 🙂 CEILINGThe roof of the terrace. NAVYWHITE Changed out of the flares to go into the town. I didn’t fancy the hem being in close proximity to the floor out and about.LAMAMOUNIA TRYINGONTrying on some traditional shoes for Tween.

MARKETLADIES Market ladies.

MARKET The place was large enough to get lost in since there were many stalls that sell exactly the same things.MARKET2 RAMView from our taxi. I have to tell you, our taxi driver who we managed to engage for our entire stay, was so stylish! He wasn’t young but boy he looked smart at any hour of the day or night. GENDARMETraffic and other police wore the same style of uniform as in France. And so we left with feelings of comforting familiarity yet so many special differences!

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16 thoughts on “Travel: Last Day

  1. Vix

    I love the market lady’s yellow robe and all those glorious baboushes! You look fab in navy and white, I never take anything white on my travels as it just gets ruined! x

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Beautiful choices … either the skirt or trousers …simple, elegant, relaxed more than casual ( more like “reclining on the chaise” than “hanging out on the sofa”!) You had your whole travel wardrobe down pat from the beginning of your trip! So happy you had a fabulous time!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for takin the time to stop by and comment! As a petite I’m not supposed to be wearing flares but I pick and choose the rules I follow now 🙂 I assure you it’s the camera angle!

      1. S Crutchfield

        I’m 5’2” and size 4 pants and I love seeing what you have put together so I can copy, however, I’m on a tighter budget. I’m also 62 years young! 😉

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        That’s wonderful! You just made my week! I’m 4 10 so you’re 4 inches taller 🙂 Vast majority of my clothes are from the SALES at Gap, H&M, Zara, ebay and thrift/vintage shops (even my shoes/bags/belts/scarves/costume jewellery. I very rarely buy full price anything, never have.But of course I have to confess my love of Hermes and a shoe obssession (which I blame on having such small feet 🙂 ). We aim for a balance, right? 🙂

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