Black Peacoat and Dark Blue Jeans

BLACKBLUELet me just apologise for the hair, no, it’s not a wig left over from Hallowe’en but a result of the ravages of chlorine now that I swim regularly. Grey is the least of my worries – I’m now on a rescue mission!

Finally, I found a nice little pea coat in black by Theory. It buttons high up which is a must because I get cold. It’s unlined and is the perfect length on me – any longer and the proportions look a bit odd. The sleeves are a touch long but I get away with just turning them under since there are no details on the cuffs. BLACKBLUE3The back is gently shaped and I wasn’t sure about it at first but realised this is a very good thing for someone my height and frame who can’t ‘absorb’ excess volume. The main concern is the shoulder width which I knew would be more flattering with Theory than some other brands out there. I have to say the peacoat style is so right for me because it’s the perfect blend of casual and tailored. I wanted a grey peacoat as well but that would be plain greedy wouldn’t it? 🙂BLACKBLUE2 I’ve layered up with a thermal sleeveless vest by M&S, H&M grey sweatshirt also, Gap 1969 dark denim from here last and some Italian Chelsea boots that are indestructable so far. By the way, I’m very much into my lower heeled footwear and can’t imagine adding anymore heels. I really love this Gap Kids’ stripey scarf 🙂 The colours are perfect for me. I’ll have the cashmere ones out soon enough.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Black Peacoat and Dark Blue Jeans

  1. Vix

    That’s a fab coat, I know what you mean about the excess volume on some, makes me feel even stumpier than i already am!
    Get yourself some Naked Rescue Intensive Care Conditioner (shea butter & olive) from Boots. It’s cruelty-free and great value. If it can sort out my waist-length, month on the beach hair it’ll work for you! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Sharron! I ordered the Khaki lol! 🙂 Sue has been bad for my wallet this week – fortunately it’s xmas. But the khaki is not in stock and won’t come til early next month 😦 xx

  2. Sharon-mystyle

    Hi my dear!! The black pea coat is such a stylish investment buy and looks lovely! I also really loved your camel vintage coat in your other post, it looks so cosy and so perfect for Winter xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! As I’ve got older my hair has become more brittle but along with the white/grey, I guess it’s never been more ‘interesting’ 🙂

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