Distressed Denim and Kelly

K32NAVY2These were the first pair of bf jeans I tried out last year. For some reason I ordered a size up which of course was too big for me but didn’t realise it for quite a while being clueless to how the bf fit should be. Fortunately my correct and usual size was still available weeks later AND the nice people over at Gap UK let me make the swap. Now they fit even better, more comfortably than before, not just because they’re slightly more worn in, but because of my trimmer tum 🙂K32NAVY3It’s my only pair with real distressing, the others have small, token spots of surface distress if any. I love the dark blue colour especially with the brown suede booties – these are just great and it’s all I can do to stop myself from ordering the black version!

K32I was so lucky when this vintage navy Kelly came along. The box leather has scratches and was a touch dry, all expected due to the age but once I started conditioning, she just glowed!K32BThe light scratches are still there but barely noticeable simply because of the precious patina – though it’s not to everyone’s taste to have such a gloss.K32CI realised that even though I consider how the size of a bag looks against my frame, it helps if a relatively large bag has a bit of structure. K32DAt the start I was dead against this sellier style: too sharp and rigid. But I came to love it for those very same reasons!K32NAVY4My 8 year old was quite upset at seeing the threadbare patches from the start and assured me Grandma would help me fix them 🙂 Even after assurances that they are meant to be there, she still looks at them with a frown. I like the sharp lines of the sellier style against a casual softness. Yes, it’s another man’s jumper I’m wearing and black gloves are on the way 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Distressed Denim and Kelly

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Lady Sarah! I do have a raincoat for it but never had to resort to using it so far. I’ve conditioned all my box and chamonix bags with the Blackrock then 2 rounds of the Obernauf as per Docride’s method for box leather so she’s in fact at least shower proof – the droplets simply roll off. Of course I’m not willing to test in a rainstorm but I’m not above putting her in a plastic carrier bag if truly caught out 🙂
      I’ve used the same method with other box bags I have eg a small tan Celine saddle bag and it’s worked as well.
      Even though grained leathers are more weatherproof, I’m not a fan of their texture so I do what I can for my box and chamonix.

  1. happyface313

    I love your look in total. I’m a total jeans person and wear them whenever I don’t go to work. Yours are great. I still don’t have any distressed ones (only my real old ones). But I like your BF jeans style.

    Your hand bag – wow! What a beauty! I like her all shiny and with sharp corners, which I prefer a lot over the soft sided ones.
    LOVELY! Have a wonderful evening 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! If you look at all my outfits, you’ll see how the bf trend has become a classic in my world 🙂 It was hard not having the option before and I really want to develop the look a bit more somehow but not with buying anything new.
      It’s funny how I was so against the sellier style at first but now I find the shape so modern and architectural 🙂 I hope you’re having drier weather in Europe!

  2. Sharon-mystyle

    Hi my dear!! Fabulous outfit, definitely one of my favourites on you- the coat, handbag, jeans and mens sweater all look totally stylish and effortlessly chic, a really fabulous look! xxx

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