Last Roses and …….. a Pheasant

CORALROSEThese are the very last rose blooms in my garden from a couple of weeks ago. I really love the coral and yellow colours together. CORALROSE2 I adore flowers and these happen to be colours I wear 🙂CORALROSE3I meant to photograph them the day before and already they were a touch overblown. CORALROSE4And then the day after we had an unexpected and uninvited guest! PHEASANTA pheasant wandered in to the garden – I still do not know here from! It spent a good couple of hours looking around. I caught it on film as well as quietly as I could. My Tween took photos and filmed it on her iPad too until I thought the poor thing would drop dead from fright although we kept our distance. ‘It’s a Boy!’, she shouted after a quick google….PHEASANT2There’s a precedence, the pheasant wasn’t the only fowl to visit us – a couple of years ago when a storm blew down a fence panel, a little hen appeared in our garden. Since she was mostly an orange colour, at first glance, I thought it was nothing more than the local ginger cat! I rather hoped she would stay and lay eggs but no such luck when her owner appeared at the front door and took her home to put to bed! PHEASANT3Rather too thin to consider for Christmas! I really didn’t know what to do because he had to fly back over the fence to wherever so we left him for a while and he disappeared again as mysteriously as he came…..

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2 thoughts on “Last Roses and …….. a Pheasant

  1. Vix

    Those roses are gorgeous and I do like Mr Pheasant. We only saw live ones for the first time recently, the only time we usually see them is squashed by the roadside. They are such gorgeous creatures. x


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